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Yr 6 SATS results interpretation advice please

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Failmum Sat 18-Jul-15 23:35:24

DS got L5 for maths and SPAG and a level 4 teachers assessment for writing, we were v pleased with all of it particularly as he has really struggled with handwriting. Also he changed schools at Easter in year 5 and had a difficult time settling, he was bullied and ran away from school etc. he has now settled and is happy and had a great report which really made us feel that his teacher understood him, and had helped him progress.

When we got the full SATS report at end of term I was a bit surprised to see teacher assessment for speaking and listening as 4 as this has consistently been his best subject throughout his school career. I have read the definitions and donot understand the difference. I also am not sure how this will affect his start at secondary

Please would someone explain

Mmmmcake123 Sun 19-Jul-15 01:02:53

Don't worry, although SATS are billed as incredibly important at the end of primary school, high schools do their own tests in order to stream pupils. The last time I checked I think these were called CAT tests but I may be wrong. High schools have a broader intake and the data from different schools doesn't always compare well so they do their own tests to stream. They then move students as and when needed. I may be wrong but I think most high schools are aware Ofsted is watching and this movement takes place before the end of year 7. Good luck xx

mrz Sun 19-Jul-15 10:35:26

Many secondary schools do use end of KS2 tests to allocate classes in Y7 (all our local schools do and many don't retest until the end of the year when children will be moved).
A child attaining level 4 or above won't be a concern for most secondary schools. (I wouldn't be worried about Speaking and Listening)

mrz Sun 19-Jul-15 10:37:11

As the data secondary schools receive has been externally marked and is used by the DfE it certainly is what Ofsted look at rather than any internal testing which measures totally different things.

Kuppenbender Sun 19-Jul-15 17:15:08

Do a lot of children get higher than level 4 for speaking and listening? I imagine that it would be quite an exceptional child who was able to demonstrate a higher proficiency in speaking and listening skills than would normally be expected for their age.

Our son was also teacher assessed as level 4 for speaking and listening. I wasn't at all concerned or surprised, as he is quite quiet. He got level 5 in the writing test and 6 in SPAG, but ask him a question and you'll the same 'Umm er what?" that a lot of other 11 year olds give you.

I don't think a level 4 in speaking and listening is anything to be alarmed about.

Failmum Sun 19-Jul-15 22:45:41

Thanks all. I'm not worried just wondering and a bit surprised. He has become more shy in year 6, and has also said sometimes it's easier to keep quiet.

He's fine we'll keep an eye but I think my lovely boy is ready for senior school ��

Elibean Mon 20-Jul-15 11:25:20

I don't think dd got a SAT in speaking and listening at all confused

Is that standard? Perhaps I should read reports more carefully?!?

Elibean Mon 20-Jul-15 11:27:08

Oh, its mentioned in the actual report (as 'very good' whatever that means) but no SATs level or internal levelling.

Which would sort of back up what Mrs says about not worrying about speaking and listening, I suppose smile

LL12 Mon 20-Jul-15 11:42:44

I was very confused by my child's Y6 sats too.
I was told by the head a year ago that they would be at the very top in secondary school going by the levels they were, however the sats levels given are only L4 and 1 at L5 (no sub levels) which I wouldn't consider to be at the very top of secondary.
It also looks like they haven't made any progress in the last year.

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