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If you work in a Pre school...

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NickAngel Sun 12-Jul-15 15:20:11

What do you do all day? What is the routine? How much time is spent on planning? Do you enjoy it?
Thinking of moving from primary to preschool setting but not sure what an average day is like so wondered if you might share what your experiences are. Thanks

BackforGood Wed 15-Jul-15 00:25:57

There are lots of different types of Pre-school.
IME, 90% of people who work in pre-schools are trying to get into schools though, as the T&Cs are so much better.
Whether your Pre-school is a 0-5 day care, or a community playgroup type setting, or a CC, the odds are the wages are NMW and any planning is done in the room 'when it's quiet'. There are exceptions, but that is very common. Remember a lot of pre-school staff work in 52 week Nurseries too.

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