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English Martyrs catholic Primary School in Worthing

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vic1Online Thu 25-Jun-15 08:36:03


we are moving to Worthing, we don't have a house yet but we will be there by September this year.. yes only 2 months.. Ive found a place for my son in this school but the Ofsted is probably not the best.. can anyone please help around that school? is this a nice/good school?


Mutteroo Thu 25-Jun-15 12:10:29

Just asked a friend who lives in Worthing. Apparently the school is in special measures? I know of another school where a friend works. It's up north (so no good for you); but this school went from special measures to outstanding in the space of two years. It may not be such a bad thing as the school will be having resources, additional staff & extra observations thrown at it to bring it back up.

Have you been able to visit the school yet? Maybe a chat with the Headteacher will help you with those concerns you have?

vic1Online Sat 27-Jun-15 21:00:37

Sorry for my delayed reply. No, I haven't been no even in the area. I am getting a position Worthing and we have decided to accept it, now trying to find out an school for our son. We have been offered this school but we are not sure eb that is meeting our expected standards.. The bad is that as we have no much time we can't be picky but as you will understand my sons education is a priority.. Really worried about the school now. What means special measures? What is a good area to live in Worthing or within driving distances? I'm from Spain and have no idea if I'm doing a good selection.. Also my husband will have to travel to London frequently so, we don't want to go much more west any help would be really welcomed.

grassroots Sun 28-Jun-15 08:30:19

Have PM'd you.

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