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Dorset Prep Schools.

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Millie1979 Tue 23-Jun-15 15:53:04

DD is due to start school in September so we need to make a final decision this week.

The choice is between Sandroyd, Port Regis and Castle Court. The problem is that they all feel great, DD has enjoyed her "taster" session at each and they all have fantastic facilities. My head is spinning trying to choose.

It would really help to understand what each school's reputation is like (namely, is one known for being more academic/sporty/musical) and to benefit from any Mumsnetters experience of any of these schools.

Thank you in advance.

CharlesRyder Thu 25-Jun-15 06:54:37

I think I would go for Port Regis on the basis that then new Head has been appointed and looks good whereas the new Head of Sandroyd is as yet an unknown factor. Sandroyd is also so small I would worry about it's finances.

There really isn't much to choose between them- none of the Dorset preps are particularly academic and none of them are very big which limits sport and music to a certain extent. From what I can see they all have that lovely 'country prep' feel.

Port Regis is definitely the 'poshest'- I would say it's the only Dorset school that considers itself in a category with the big South East preps. My DS is at a different Dorset prep and gloriously happy. However, we are aware that we will probably have to have him tutored if he wants to go to a selective Senior school in the South East.

sailorsgal Sat 27-Jun-15 11:33:55

Hi. I think castle court would be the most down to earth out of the three. I
know a few families there and they rave about it.

Cargundian Sat 27-Jun-15 17:11:27

Sandroyd's newish Head of Music, Susan Somerville, is awesome - she used to be at Cargilfield. (Where her successor is also awesome, fortunately; probably the excellent state she left it in made it easy to attract a good new HoM.) So regardless of whether Sandroyd has a reputation as a very musical school, I don't mind betting that it soon will.

sailorsgal Sat 27-Jun-15 18:20:48

Sorry to hijack thread but could CharlesRyder pm me please. :-)

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