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St George's Windsor

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LittleMissMuffet01 Mon 01-Jun-15 23:02:19

Was reading some threads recently on private education as dh and I have slightly differing opinions on private education. I went to private school and loved it (mostly smile whilst he was state schooled in Europe and didn't come out all too bad either. We managed to find a school we both jointly liked for our children in Windsor - St George's Windsor Castle for dd. she is due to start this year in pre-prep. As we are ttc, I guess our future kid(s) would also be going here.

Since early this year, I've heard mutterings from various friends (& from friends of friends) that pre-prep is really good but once the kids are older ie.
Prep, there are issues. (Bearing in mind that I only know 2 people who have told me this and that's not a fair enough sample size!)

I was just wondering if anyone who knew of the school or have any insight into this could shed light please? We are planning to move house specifically to this area and the last thing I want is our children struggling in the school when older and we have to take them out because they are unhappy
Etc and dh going "I told you so - state schools are the way to go " :-)

Guess am looking for reassurance that St George's is a good school! We really liked it when we saw it as the ethos was one we felt was positive and its strong emphasis on music as well.

Thoughts please? Thank you in advance! :-)

LittleMissMuffet01 Tue 02-Jun-15 12:32:39

Bumping for the afternoon MNers smile

LittleMissMuffet01 Tue 02-Jun-15 20:52:44


Nothingtodowithme Mon 19-Oct-15 11:32:00

Bump, as I'd like to know about this, too, please.

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