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Prep Schools in/around Sutton Area - any advice?

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educatingphoenix Mon 01-Jun-15 07:02:52

Before I moved abroad 8 years ago with my kids for work, my son attended Homefield Preparatory School in Sutton. He was Year 5 then.

That son finished his education in international school, is now 18 and off to uni this Sept. I regret leaving the UK education system - sometimes feel he would have done better if he'd stayed. But, things always look clearer in hindsight don't they?

Now, though, we need to find a school for his little brother (now year 3). We could look at Homefield again, but I know the headmaster has changed and I'm just wondering if there's anyone here who can tell me what the school's like nowadays....? Good things and bad? Complaints? etc ....

I want to choose a good school (willing to travel) for the little one. Don't want to feel I've made a mistake or chosen wrongly this time around.

Of course, schools and kids each have their own character and it's hard to find a good 'match', but any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance smile

Leeds2 Mon 01-Jun-15 12:12:16

The Priory in Banstead always seems to be highly rated by parents. No personal experience though.

educatingphoenix2 Mon 01-Jun-15 13:35:13

Thank you for your reply Leeds2

Ladyleia Mon 01-Jun-15 22:14:43

DS3 is at Homefield and we are very happy with it. The new head is modernising the school (which it badly needed) but it's being done slowly. I have been very impressed with things like the science teaching. There are things that need improving but I think the culture of the school is broadly similar to what it used to be.

educatingphoenix2 Mon 01-Jun-15 23:26:35

@ladyleia : Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear about the science's a subject that is not often taught as well as it should be in schools. Thanks again!smile

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