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Heathfield School Wolverley Vs Abberley Hall

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cheesiebiccie Sat 30-May-15 19:34:10

Hi there,

My DD is currently at Heathfield School in Wolverley, but I have been a little bit disappointed with the level of 'value for money' that I feel we are getting from them, so today we went to look at Abberley Hall in Worcestershire. As I am now struggling to make up my mind, does anyone have any experience of either schools Early years/pre-prep departments?

Any advice or experience would be of great benefit!

Thanks smile

Picasso31 Sun 31-May-15 11:34:28

They are very different schools, it really depends on your aims for senior school, I know this seems a long way away. Both are good schools. I have friends with DC very happy with both. Heathfield is a small local all through nursery to 18 day school whereas Abberley is a proper prep school with a large boarding contingent and aims to prepare children at 13 for well known public schools. Locally Malvern College is the school of choice after Abberley for those who want day or just close! But a large number of children go further afield to big name schools ( see their scholarship lists), is this what you are thinking of later?. Neither is seen as hugely academic or hot houses, both taking a wide academic ability and do well with all. There is stronger SEN support at Abberley. Abberley has more space, probably better facilities and is stronger on sports, although for its size, Heathfield does well in sport too. If you are thinking local day schools for long term then Heathfield ( change at 11 to either grammars in Bham or more academic Worc day schools is not uncommon if that suits the child) if you want 13plus public school then Abberley.

cheesiebiccie Sun 31-May-15 18:31:04

Thank you Picasso31. At the moment, I am looking at something that would stretch DD as (and I REALLY don't want to sound like a pushy or boastful mum but) she is very academically minded. But equally she's very social and I liked the teaching methods and social feeling that I got when we visited Abberley.

Picasso31 Sun 31-May-15 19:46:31

If very academic, might be worth checking out Kings prep school ( the one next to the senior school rather than kings Hawford) or RGS spring hill if you want 11plus seniors or Bromsgrove prep for 13plus. But agree Abberley has a lovely atmosphere and would be great for an all round education. If I could go back its where I would have sent DD for prep as she would have benefited from the extra 2 years in prep before moving to seniors although may still have ended up where she is ( specialist dyslexia school)

cheesiebiccie Sun 31-May-15 22:00:10

May I ask, did you attend Abberley yourself Picasso31? And I am now checking out your suggestions, thank you.

Butterfly12345 Sun 02-Oct-16 19:48:20

Sorry I'm abit late at joking the post and you may have already made your decision I used to have 2 children at heathfields and I felt totally the same, I have since moved mine to bromsgrove school and I instantly noticed the difference and I could see what we were paying for facilities are out this world. Organation is key there we know at the start of each term exactly what there doing for that term so your aware what your child's learning. Heathfields is unfortunatly being run down very quickly and running out of hurdles for parents to keep jumping.

Poocatcherchampion Sun 02-Oct-16 19:55:32

What's good about Bromsgrove?

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