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Arnold house offers

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CocoE Thu 28-May-15 20:45:25

Has anyone received their offers for sept 2016 entry yet? If you got accepted, why do you think you were chosen?

thankgoditsover Fri 29-May-15 11:22:41

Complete aside and probably an irrelevant question, but what are you feelings about historic child abuse at a school? The James Rhodes account is one of the most powerful evocations of abuse I've ever read. I wonder if it would influence my feelings towards a school, though of course it's many years ago.

mrbrowncanmoo Fri 29-May-15 13:19:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CocoE Fri 29-May-15 18:21:52

Thanks, I hadn't even seen the abuse news. But I suspect it could happen anywhere. How can you really tell which schools will be better at detecting it?
We haven't gotten our rejection letter yet but I suspect it's coming given we are not moneyed.

mrbrowncanmoo Fri 29-May-15 18:56:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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