Advanced search spreading wrong information!

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SophiaWright Thu 28-May-15 10:10:12

Having finally got through the School admissions stress and securing a place, I came across which apparently gives you information based on where you live the likelihood of getting into certain schools.

Looking at the website it seems very official and filled with information, however the information is wrong. I have shared it with other parents and am shocked that almost all of them say that their ‘heat maps’ are in no way accurate. For example we are outside the “less likely” area and didn’t have a problem getting in, whilst I know others who are in the “very likely” area and the school was massively oversubscribed.

I think them giving out wrong information angry is worse than them giving out no information at all. I am glad I didn’t find the website before we submitted preferences it could have made us change our mind and we could have been in a much worse position because of it.

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