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Doing P.E. In just knickers?

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Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:19:15

DD2 (4) came home and told me that she has done pe for the first time, in just her knickers.

Am I over reacting thinking that this is out of order?

Also, DD1 (7) came home and said that pe today had been running round the field etc in her normal uniform and her trainers, when she has got a tracksuit etc (this was asked for specifically a short while ago)

Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:43:15

DD2 only goes to school in the afternoon, we did receive a letter telling us that they wouldn't be doing pe until they started full time after christmas.

They don't even have a gymnasium, just a large hall, which is a thoroughfare to and from classes.

Gillian76 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:43:26

Would you like if someone asked you to strip to your underwear?

What else do you do in your underwear?

It's under wear.

They don't wear vests because it's very hot in school and the house is centrally heated. No need unless it's very cold imo. They have not complained yet.

Schools in Scotland are maybe different.

Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:44:01

Oh and there are only 15 children in her class.

princessmel Fri 10-Nov-06 16:44:27

So did she have a vest on ?

Miriam2 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:46:34

But ....even if they did put on their kit they have to get changed somehow, and 4 year olds often need a fair bit of help so apart from the cold factor, what's the problem? Teacher/ teaching assistant have to see them in their underwear at sompoint. Is the problem that you don't you trust them?

beckybrastraps Fri 10-Nov-06 16:47:15

They are 4 and 5!

It's not quite the same thing as adults stripping off is it.

This reminds me of the time I was told it was inappropriate for my dd (18mo) to wear only a swim nappy. By a woman whose toddler was in a bikini.

Miriam2 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:48:51

Am still scratching my head wondering why star1978 was more uncomfortable cos it was a male teacher...

piglit Fri 10-Nov-06 16:49:37

I still run around in just my knickers. Very liberating.

hatwoman Fri 10-Nov-06 16:54:29

I think it;s probably best from teh warmth perspective to have a vest on or their school shirt but I really don;t think it's a problem. I very much doubt a 4 year old would find it humiliating. as for feeling more uncomfortable because it's a male teacher I'm stunned at that idea and offended on behalf of the vast majority of men.

Spagblog Fri 10-Nov-06 16:55:02

I did this as a child, it wasn't inappropriate then...
Mind you my DD doesn't wear a vest - I never saw the point? Maybe someone could advise me why children ought to wear vests?
Isn't it just a throwback from the pre central heating days?

hulababy Fri 10-Nov-06 17:00:42

I wouldn't be happy about DD (also a new starter) doing PE in just her pants. She doesn't wear a vest. It's too cold!

DD has a PE kit - navy shorts and a white collared t shirt. They get changed in the classroom.

frances5 Fri 10-Nov-06 17:08:35

My son does PE in vest and pants. Every tuesday he insists on wearing his spiderman underwear because its PE.

Gillian76 Fri 10-Nov-06 17:23:52

the problem arises when you send 4 year olds to school in the first place. Nonsense!

But that's a different thread

I wouldn't be happy but luckily it's not an issue for us up here. They do manage to change themselves without too much fuss.

Each to their own.

7up Fri 10-Nov-06 17:27:43

we used to wear knickers and vests, cant see what difference it is to 30 years ago when i was in reception

Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 17:31:01

LOL, me too piglet

No, she wasn't wearing a vest.

Kelly1978 Fri 10-Nov-06 17:31:54

I read this thread and asked dd what she has been wearing for PE. It wasn't until halfway through last week that I realised that her PE kit was still under all the shoes in the hallway and she hadn't taken it back to school. She is 6 and did it in her knickers!!
I really think it is innapropriate. She msut have been freezing and it jsut doesnt feel right. She is starting to get more ocncious of her body and I think she would have been embarassed. The school had spare tshirts for her to wear, so I don't know why they couldnt provide a pair of shorts too, or let her wear her school skirt.
ds is 4 and does PE at pre-school. The children there are aged 3 and 4, and they have PE kits too, so it can't be that hard to change chidlren into a PE kit. I make a point of making sure he has clothes that he can easily get on and off, velcor shoes etc. so it isn't a problem.

Don't the family planning clinics give them away free anymore? (We used to get a choice of Durex or Mates). Or is that just for low income scum like us?

BIGlilBUBU Fri 10-Nov-06 17:34:26

My friends daughters has to do pe in knickers and vest as it saves time. She hates it and puts shorts on underneath school uniform on pe day. I think its out of order.

Kelly1978 Fri 10-Nov-06 17:36:40

lol @shinyhappypeople!

thats the second time that has happened to someone today, maybe it is a glitch.

Oh dear, wrong thread please excuse me..

NAB3 Fri 10-Nov-06 17:38:58

I wouldn't be happy with that at all. I have a son in year one and for the first few weeks of reception they did PE in their uniform and plimsolls to get them used to doing PE and then started using their PE kits.

ernest Fri 10-Nov-06 17:50:19

crikey what a fuss. so what if she did pe in her knickers. Didn't we all? and as for others making comments about male teachers, well, I'm sorry but that's just taking tit all too far. you cannot suspect every bloody man on the planet as being a f333ign paedo. dear Lord. get a grip

gothicmama Fri 10-Nov-06 17:54:10

recent guidance issued recommends all children to do pe in shorts and T shirt.
It is not just to do with paedophiles but also to help teach children about respect for themselves etc.

Flamesparrow Fri 10-Nov-06 17:58:53

Pretty much what Ermes said (with a lol for SHPHH - perfect thread for that comment!)

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