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Doing P.E. In just knickers?

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Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:19:15

DD2 (4) came home and told me that she has done pe for the first time, in just her knickers.

Am I over reacting thinking that this is out of order?

Also, DD1 (7) came home and said that pe today had been running round the field etc in her normal uniform and her trainers, when she has got a tracksuit etc (this was asked for specifically a short while ago)

nivvy Wed 15-Nov-06 11:27:15

"Cross country in knickers and bare feet . So pleased that the schools have moved on from that."

If only they'd moved on before I was there! You went slipping and sliding everywhere because your feet couldn't get a grip in the mud. Afterwards you coud either wear your wet and muddy knickers under your skirt, or take them off for the rest of the day. Nice choice!

Paula54 Tue 13-Jul-10 06:09:35

I used to do pe in navy blue pe knickers and skirt .but things change now but i enjoyed pe knickers and skirt and Leotard in later years happy days

RedArsedBaboon Tue 13-Jul-10 06:45:11

bloody hell this thread is 4 years old!

Paula54 Wed 14-Jul-10 05:29:20

Message withdrawn

mumblechum Wed 14-Jul-10 06:17:31

Nice hmm

RedArsedBaboon Wed 14-Jul-10 11:11:05

what was the post that was deleted?

mumblechum Wed 14-Jul-10 12:30:39

Can't remember exactly but she was calling you stupid. <<holds Red Arsed Baboon's coat>>

RedArsedBaboon Wed 14-Jul-10 12:49:24

oh i see grin

pranma Wed 14-Jul-10 17:25:39

Who is going to change them into and out of their kit?What is wrong with vest and knickers[or just knickers] at 4 and 5?If they are 'humiliated' someone has been teaching them a very odd view of the world.
By age 7 they should have a PE kit and be able to change themselves but imagine how much lesson would be left if there were 30 little ones needing help at start and finish.Outdoors yes-too cold but in school hall surely its ok.

Marjee Sun 18-Jul-10 11:56:31

Out of order imo (although totally irrelevent now given the age of this thread)! I remember being made to do pe in vest and knickers at school as a punishment for forgetting pe kit. The other kids used to take the piss out of the ones in knickers and vest and it was humiliating. Its different if all the children were just in knickers but if not thats just mean and I would complain to the school.

Maltamum Fri 11-Oct-13 22:44:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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