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Doing P.E. In just knickers?

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Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:19:15

DD2 (4) came home and told me that she has done pe for the first time, in just her knickers.

Am I over reacting thinking that this is out of order?

Also, DD1 (7) came home and said that pe today had been running round the field etc in her normal uniform and her trainers, when she has got a tracksuit etc (this was asked for specifically a short while ago)

NomDePlume Fri 10-Nov-06 16:20:41

p.e. in just knickers is out of order imo

Iklboo Fri 10-Nov-06 16:21:00

Ooooh. I have memories of skipping round the school hall in me knickers & vest (vest tucked into knickers) to the theme from Van Der Valk "Eye Level" when at primary school. That piece of music still gives me the shivers.
Wouldn't have thought they still did this kind of thing?

princessmel Fri 10-Nov-06 16:21:32

Out of oreder and freezing for her. Poor girl

princessmel Fri 10-Nov-06 16:21:43


expatinscotland Fri 10-Nov-06 16:21:54

ERm, no.

For one, it's too damn cold to be running around in knickers, and I can't imagine gyms are well-heated.

NomDePlume Fri 10-Nov-06 16:22:28

I would double check that she actually DID do p.e in just her knickers though before I went off on one at the teacher.... Just because my DD, also 4, sometimes explains things like this in an odd way and I get the wrong end of the stick.

Skyler Fri 10-Nov-06 16:23:01

Did she not have any kit? Sounds odd to me.

Trinityrhino Fri 10-Nov-06 16:24:15

I would find out that this is inb fact what happened and then I would have a word with the teacher, completely out or order in my opinion

how could this have happened, did you know with fair warning that they were going to do gym, did she have anything to wear?

MrsBadger Fri 10-Nov-06 16:24:27

Knickers and vest v common indoors PE-wear for new reception children as it's easier than changing 30 children into a different set of clothes.

I'd check exactly what dd1 was doing - it may have been something that tracksuits weren't necessary for, and if she didn't get cold or muddy I don't see there being a problem...

star1976 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:27:24

When my daughter first started school she did PE in vest and knickers, if they didn't have a vest on they didn't do pe.
Their reason was that it takes too long trying to get thirty 4 year olds changed into pe kit, and then back into school uniform.
After about 6 months they requested pe kit be provided as they were old enough by then apparently!
I found the whole knickers and vest thing even more off putting as she had a male teacher!

Mum2FunkyDude Fri 10-Nov-06 16:30:22

Inappropriate! They should be more organised or let them do it in their uniforms (how intense can the PE be?)

MrsBadger Fri 10-Nov-06 16:32:53

(am mildly perplexed as to how it's inappropriate unless children are actually cold)

It is common practice for infants aged children to do PE in vest and knickers/pants. And get changed in the classroom altogether.

Most primary school kids to PE in a school hall which is obviously adequately heated. And that are running and jumping around.

princessmel Fri 10-Nov-06 16:36:51

Radley, was she wearing a vest or just her knickers?

beckybrastraps Fri 10-Nov-06 16:36:53

I don't think I'd have a problem with it.

I know I just wore vest and knickers for PE at infant school.

As someone else has said - they all get changed together anyway, so at some point they are going to see each other's underwear.

Miriam2 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:37:25

Why on earth should it matter more if the teacher was male?

Gillian76 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:37:46

Not acceptable. Never (in 6 years of teaching primary childrean in about 10 different schools) seen it done either.

Gillian76 Fri 10-Nov-06 16:38:28

My children don't wear vests. I would be appalled if anyone asked them to do PE in their pants.

princessmel Fri 10-Nov-06 16:39:05

I don't have a problem with it other than if she was JUST in her knickers she would have been really cold and maybe embarrased. Vest and knickers not so bad but I thought the op said just knickers.

Really Gillian76?? Are they state schools?? In all the school I have worked/volunteered in, in the past 20 years, it has been common practice.

MaloryTowersBigHeadBigNorks Fri 10-Nov-06 16:40:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Why appalled Gillian? (And dare I cheekily ask why they don't wear vests?)

PanicPants Fri 10-Nov-06 16:42:30

Sometimes one of the children will line up in the door in just their knickers because they have forgotton their pe kit, and I have to force them to wear a t-shirt from the cupboard!

But no, would never let a child do pe in just their knickers or pants.

It's cold, and humiliating.

Not to mention leaving yourself wide open.

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