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I'm very disillusioned

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808state Sun 02-May-04 14:16:00

I collected my son from school one lunchtime and whilst walking into school saw a friend on mine (her son is autistic and attends this mainstream school).

She informed me that this school have asked her to remove her son from there as he is too disruptive and they cannot any longer cope with him. She is going to remove him by this summer.

This is bad enough in my opinion but what to me is even worse is that on open display outside the school office is the record of the Governors minutes in a folder (its also marked Parents Information). I've always wondered what the Governors get up to so I had a look. Inside it gives an account of the ways the school have tried with this boy along with details of his behaviour. It does not name him. I think that if this child was the grandson of one of the Governors they would not write about him like this. Its absolutely appalling.

The Government talk at great length about inclusion but I feel all too many schools are too ready to exclude such pupils.

Thoughts as always are welcome and appreciated.

coppertop Sun 02-May-04 15:20:09

If this child is the only autistic child at the school then I think it would be obvious to any parent reading the reports that the governors were talking about this particular child. I appreciate that the governors need to be fairly open but surely this sort of information should have remained confidential?

Inclusion can only work if all of the parties involved are working together. Presumably your friend has spoken to the SENCO? What was their opinion about the whole situation?

My ds1 is autistic and is due to start at a mainstream school in September. Everyone involved in his care agrees that he should do really well in a m/s school. However, he will only be able to cope if the right amount of support is in place for him.

Are you able to give any details of why he was thought to be too disruptive and/or the measures that were put into place?

spacemonkey Sun 02-May-04 16:34:32

its assi YaY

spacemonkey Sun 02-May-04 18:15:03

My *very clever* daughter has decided to post as me. So please ignore that comment!

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