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The John Lyon school - Anyone?

(8 Posts)
Indiansummers Tue 19-May-15 21:06:43

Does anyone know about this school? It's come under our radar recently , from their website it seems nice for ds who Academically average.
I've mentioned it somewhat to other parents to get a feel for it and the response was its for thick children who can't get in anywhere else shock Quite taken aback, it probably is not for academic high flyers but seems like a decent enough school.

Hoping there might be some John Lyon parents here smile

Indiansummers Wed 20-May-15 07:22:01


gymnasticrobotics Wed 20-May-15 09:28:59

not a JL parent but I have a colleague who studied there, Cambridge high flyer doctor and very nice and down to earth. smile

doubleespressostat Wed 20-May-15 20:27:41

Some of DP's friends went there (quite a few years ago though) and have good careers - a few medics, an engineer. They are nice down to earth guys.

Toooldforthat Sat 13-Jun-15 19:59:23

A brief discussion with a colleague who has a DD at Latymer upper and a son at JL: Latymer is great, JL is not. But I don't know more details.

HopeandLuck Sun 14-Jun-15 15:06:00

The general impression of the school is that is does well by average children. It is a fall back option locally, for those who can't get into the more academically selective schools like Haberdashers and Merchant Taylors.

veronicalondon Thu 16-Jul-15 15:29:09

The school has a good pastoral care and parents' support. Yes, many children are not that academically advanced. However, they are pushed by the teachers to achieve, thus good GCSE results. There is a number of high flyers and those striving to get to top universities. This is not an academic hot house but nothing should prevent your son to blossom there, build up confidence and achieve better results. This is not an aggressive overcompetitive school. However, as I have said, the children are pushed. Majority of the children are Muslims and Hindu, thus strict upbringing and no mischief. Good music, art and sports facilities. To bring this school to the top 100 would require hiring more Oxford/Cambridge calibre teachers.

user1472481293 Mon 29-Aug-16 15:42:05

My son He attended The Russell School, a state primary in Chorleywood, and entered John Lyon at aged 11. Other schools we considered included Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Chesham Grammar, Watford Grammar School for Boys, St. Clement Danes School (18th best state school in country on some measures), Merchant Taylors School, Berkhamstead School and Aldenham School. He failed the 11+ exam by the narrowest of margins (despite passing fairly comfortably on a mock exam under genuine exam conditions (nerves?)) and failed one of the three entrance papers at Merchant Taylors (expressive language and breadth of vocabulary a weakness at aged 11). St Clement Danes School (an excellent state school where most of his peer group transferred to) and Aldenham were real options (i.e. we were offered places). I ruled out Berkhamstead School because I wasn’t impressed when given a tour by the Head. Despite being a borderline entry at aged 11, my son was offered a place by the superb Head (Miss Katherine Haynes) at aged 11. Accepting that offer was the best decision I ever made.

90% of the teaching of the school has been excellent. I don’t mark something as “excellent” lightly! The pastoral care of the school has been outstanding. At the beginning of Year 9 my son had “a wobble” about a change of classmates but the school handled it superbly and in Year 10 (whilst doing the IGCSE courses he spend some considerable time in the Royal Brompton Hospital’s Paediatric Heart & Lung Ward). Sporting opportunities are great and there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Though my son doesn’t do music or drama, I’ve attended several of the schools productions and they are amazing.

It would be inappropriate to mention my son’s GCSE results, suffice to say that they have been described as “truly outstanding”. He could switch to any sixth form in the area (and we seriously considered Dr Challoner’s Grammar School and had discussions with their senior management team), but we opted to keep him at The John Lyon School because we don’t believe there is any school who could have delivered more “added value” over the past five years. Looking at his peer group (aged 11) I am totally convinced of this!!!!!!!!! To risk repeating myself, sending my son to The John Lyon School was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

The Head and the teachers of this school are amongst my heroes.

Frankly, if your child behaves in an exemplary manner and is extremely conscientious this school WILL deliver incredible “added value”!!!

My Godson just got into Oxford from a state school in a coastal town because he worked hard. I have a Filipino friend whose daughter is heading in the same direction from a state comprehensive in the West Midlands. The results of children are generally commensurate with the effort they put in.

In my opinion, The John Lyon School’s “added value” cannot be beaten. It IS a “hidden gem”.

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