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Fun app to help with times tables?

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Fridayschild Sat 09-May-15 16:45:47

DCs not bad at maths by any measure but will find it much easier if they just know their times tables - aged 12 and 10. I reckon we could manage 5 minutes on an app. Anyone got any recommendations?

JustRichmal Sat 09-May-15 17:42:38

I just used to give dd one sum each morning and ask her it 4 or 5 times through the day.

pluCaChange Sat 09-May-15 17:54:41

Would they consider the Numberjacks too childish? There's a Numberjacks app (Android) which has very visual segments, while others are pure flash-up-the-numbers-and-make-'em-answer.

TheFirstOfHerName Sat 09-May-15 18:04:26

My ten year olds willingly play Squeebles to practise quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

bigTillyMint Sat 09-May-15 18:08:02

It's not an app, but if you google hit the button, you will get a game that is fab for learning times tables/division facts. You can play it on a phone or tablet.

Michaelahpurple Sat 09-May-15 18:47:08

Math bingo is charming and effective

pluCaChange Sat 09-May-15 19:14:05

Hahaha, I've got a Kumon ad on the right of my screen, which no-one has endorsed yet! Not even the child - whose face forms the O of KUMON- seems thrilled.... grin

CloudsAway Sun 10-May-15 08:29:13

there's Times Table Clock, only for iphone/ipad though, not android, good for division as well.

clr2014 Sun 10-May-15 08:31:48

We love hit the button. Website though... I don't think there's an app..

Kahlua4me Sun 10-May-15 08:34:53

You could make your own by printing some blank 12x12 tables and write the numbers randomly along the outside of top and left hand sides. Dc then have to complete them and see how quickly they can do it.

That has helped massively for my dc who are 11 and 8 and they like doing them.

MrsPnut Sun 10-May-15 08:37:15

My daughter plays bubble pop maths, squeeble and some raiders of the lost ark type game where she has to answer rapid fire questions to stop being caught by monkeys.

MrsPnut Sun 10-May-15 08:39:05

Steve Storm and the tables of Doom!

Fridayschild Sun 10-May-15 18:29:53

Great ideas, thank you all so much

FresherThanYou Tue 12-May-15 17:44:13

Hi does anyone know what the squeebles spelling app is like (for a 10 yr old)

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