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Denmead hampton v Westbury house v Milbourne Lodge Esher: Please help

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Doves2 Wed 06-May-15 09:55:47

Denmead in Hampton, Westbury House and Milbourn Lodge in Esher are on my short list for my six year fairly bright, not so sporty but lacks focus sometime type of boy and three year old quite sporty type boy. I have spent hours reading their websites, visiting all three schools and trying to make comparison. My impression is that Milbourne is quite traditional and academic with good results, Westbury house seems quite academic with a number of children's going to good schools ( I am not targeting grammar schools at 11+ if that helps) and Denmead appears to be in-between i.e not so academic, not so sporty and also with the new headmaster and new building for the prep I do not know how things are going to change.

I REALLY want to hear your experience at these schools. The academic side, co-curriculum side, sports and pastoral care side. I am looking for a good academic school which offers a good range of co-curriculum activities and stretch the children's a bit without putting them under too much pressure. We live in Kingston. I will really appreciate your insights and experience in helping us make this really difficult choice.

grovel Wed 06-May-15 16:26:42

Can't really help as I've only heard of Milbourne Lodge. Out of curiosity I Google'd all three and noticed that only ML go up to 13. So I'm assuming that you want your boys to move on at 11 to a day school? ML get boys in to Hampton etc but send a lot of children to 13+ boarding schools.

dogwood Fri 08-May-15 10:16:59

Had child go through Milbourne Lodge. Had a great experience with choice of senior schools. Lots of work and outdoor sport with very traditional teaching. School has grown and will be getting a new headmaster so not sure how it is now. No knowledge of other schools.

Shrads Thu 01-Feb-18 12:52:44

Doves2, what did you decide at the end? I am in similar situation for my DS.

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