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Anyone know about bramhall high school?

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RainbowInACloud Tue 05-May-15 12:04:22

We are looking at a lovely house in bramhall that falls in the catchment of bramhall high school. I can see it scores a 3 on ofsted and am a bit concerned about it. Does anyone have any experience of it please? Thanks.

dustdragon Tue 05-May-15 12:32:34

From quite a few years ago and schools change. Cheadle Hulme High (Woods Lane) is now more popular than Bramhall High as it has an outstanding on the last Ofsted. It used to be the other way round.

A lot of children in the area are privately educated, which can impact GCSE results, but generally all the schools in South Stockport are good. I think there is still some flexibility on getting into the bordering catchment schools - Hazel Grove also has better results, some children living the Woodford side of Bramhall also attend Poynton High, but that is more difficult for admission as ir is Cheshire, not Stockport LEA.

Certainly a few years ago, there were no problems getting a place at a neighbouring school, if you didnt like the catchment school - but I'm not sure of the current position.

RainbowInACloud Tue 05-May-15 12:57:31

Thank you that's really helpful. It's quite a few years until our son would go but it's a big move and don't want to get it wrong.

Mopmay Wed 06-May-15 13:55:42

It used to be very popular but CH school has been outstanding for a while now and is hence seen as more desirable. It's ofsted dropped as others improved but not sure exactly what was behind it. I don't think it's a bad school - a friend has a yr 11 there. All schools have issues.

RainbowInACloud Wed 06-May-15 19:41:29

Thanks, maybe we shouldn't rule it out then. Something to think about.

Mumof3NoisyBoys Thu 26-May-16 00:05:02

Bramhall High appointed a new Head Teacher, Lynne Fox at Easter 2016. A few weeks in she already seems to be making a very positive impact, and she has a lot of experience so things are looking more hopeful.
It's now very difficult to get in to Cheadle Hulme High out of catchment. We got no2 in there in Sept 2014 but even with a sibling there no3 could not get a place for this September.
Both are very nice places to live, but it would make things less stressful for parents if Bramhall High and Cheadle Hulme High were both doing really well

straker Tue 02-Aug-16 11:36:46

Hi - yes, I have a daughter at Bramhall and think you can only go from your own experience or those of friends who actually have children there - unfortunately there are a lot of people who prefer to share myths about the school rather than deal in facts. At the end of day we are talking about Bramhall here so all the schools are excellent - we are very lucky to have them on our doorstop and that is why house prices are so high!! It is more complicated than statistics show (e.g size of school, number of pupils, academic subjects studied v more vocational - these factors all affect the final results) - my daughter has a lovely group of friends, is doing very well and loves it - all schools have their share of problems including the private ones - they are all teenagers!!

e333 Sat 08-Apr-17 15:53:15

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