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Is there an equivalent of Toe by Toe for Maths

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Katherine Fri 30-Apr-04 13:40:32

DS has been really struggling at school (Yr1). After a lot of problems at school they are now working with us but DS is still having problems. He's now on the Special Needs register as we think he has Dyslexia and the school is making quite a lot of effort with him. I've been doing the Toe by Toe book with him at home for a few weeks and it has made a big difference with his reading.

However the school have just phoned to say they are worried about his maths too. They had originally kept him with the reception children but recently put him to work with the Yr kids. However I think the jump has been too big and hes not getting anywhere. I beleive it is all related to the dyslexia - after all it is still symbols. I was wondering if anyone knows of an equivalent to Toe by Toe but for teaching maths which I can do with him or even ask the school to do with him as that kind of approach does seem to work for him.

Does anyone know of a useful programme/ book?

popsycal Fri 30-Apr-04 13:41:50

There is something similar - not Toe by Toe - but similar

Remind me on Monday evening and I will find ot for you on tuesday

Katherine Wed 05-May-04 16:52:50

Popsycal: did you find anything?

dyslexickids Wed 08-Jun-11 12:33:33

Hi there, there is a book called Power of 2. It looks a bit like Toe By Toe but a different author. Hope this helps.

regina12 Wed 08-Jun-11 13:41:01

I second dyslexickids suggestion. Power of 1 and Power of 2 and an additional times table book all follow the same repetitive/tick box format of Toe by Toe and are available through Amazon.

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