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Bromley High -random questions 7+

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serenejean Thu 09-Apr-15 23:56:15

We are not happy with DDs school, and recently looked round Bromley High. We were very impressed with the junior school, we are looking at 7+ entry for 2016. However in moving her to Bromley High for juniors, we obviously need to consider whether she will go onto the secondary school.

Is there any feedback on how the secondary school compares to the Juniors in terms of the education it provides and its reputation? On the open day I came away with lots of positives from the Juniors, and it maybe because the junior question is uppermost in my mind but I wasn't sure how much more the secondary school offered over and above say a good grammar school. The uniform seemed a bit scruffy (some skirts were eye wateringly short, lots of different style of coats etc ), and I just got an impression that some of the senior teachers were a bit complacent. Nothing I can put my finger on, so would be grateful if anyone can offer any more concrete knowledge. Having got our last school choice wrong, i am keen for her to stay until 16/18 if possible and if we are satisfied that it is worth paying for.

My other question is around competition for Places at 7+, does anyone know roughly how many girls apply for the 8 places on offer? While we have been told DD is bright, not sure of her chances of getting in!
Thank you

wineoclockthanks Fri 10-Apr-15 08:23:52

Not personal experience but live locally and all I know is that 3 neighbours have moved their girls at the end of Year 6, and they were not alone in doing so. One I know went to Newstead Woods but the others to another private school (not sure which ones, sorry).

serenejean Sat 11-Apr-15 11:17:28

Thank you! Thats very helpful to know. Prob need to ask more questions, to find out a bit more about how many girls stay on etc.

Pooka Thu 16-Apr-15 19:36:53

My cousin's 3 girls went there, with youngest leaving after A levels last year.

For a selective GDST secondary school it's results are not good enough.

Youngest cousin had rather troubling sixth form, with disjointed teaching and ended up in clearing rather than getting her predicted grades. The older girls did ok, and didn't have so many issues with teaching/results. I don't think the value added by the school is enough to justify going there for secondary when there are other good secondaries, state and private, available.

On the other hand, I have two friends with girls in year 7 and year 8 who are doing very well. I believe the new head started a couple of years ago, and I wonder whether my cousin was one of the parents who weren't keen on the new head, but actually she's implementing good improvement and addressing previous complacency. Certainly friends have no negatives to report.

Pooka Thu 16-Apr-15 19:38:23

i don't see my cousin often, so have to admit that some of my post is going on snippets of information gleaned at occasional family gatherings. My friends are more honest with me probably and I see them more often!

serenejean Thu 16-Apr-15 19:53:08

Thank you, the fees are a significant outlay for us especially the higher fees at secondary school (senior level) If we think we will need to change schools at 11, for grammar or other private i will really need to research the various tests which are no doubt competitive and this option seems to negate any benefit offered by a so- called all through school
I am a little concerned around the sixth form (there isn't a huge range of a-level options or indeed huge numbers of students) and understand the head is a year into Her role so it maybe this is on her list.
Have just looked again at the results and as you say they are a little concerning so will have to be taken into the mix and it maybe we go for juniors and must switch at 11 if things aren't better at senior school.
Sorry for the ramble - so hard!
If anybody else knows more about the chances at 7+ of getting a place, I would be very grateful.

SanityClause Thu 16-Apr-15 19:54:31

Both my DDs were in the junior school from 4, and I now have one in the senior school, and one at Newstead. Although they don't prepare the girls for the grammars, lots do get in, every year.

Look at the GCSE results, rather than the A level results - they lose a lot of girls in the 6th form - mostly to co-ed schools, including the grammars, and particularly to Eltham. Also, remember, all schools are selective at 16+, even the comprehensives.

I have been very happy with the senior school, so far, and I have friends whose DDs stayed in the senior school, when my DD1 moved, who are all happy with the school. (They are just about to sit GCSEs.) There is really good support for SEN.

I would say, if you like the look of the junior school, see if she gets in (places at 7+ are very competitive, compared to 4+ and 11+) and you will get a feel for the senior school, while she is there, particularly if you can get involved with the PTA, etc.

(I have a DS at Eltham, where they start at 7, who is now in year 6, and the four years doesn't seem like they have just got there, and are now leaving, at all.)

Pooka Thu 16-Apr-15 19:58:01

Yes, lots leave at sixth form and go on to newstead, Olaves or other sixth forms, which would explain iffy results I guess. Hadn't thought about that.

serenejean Thu 16-Apr-15 20:03:24

Thanks - that is good to hear that your dd got into newsteads as I know Bromley High don't prepare. Did you have to tutor as well? I think part of my reluctance to start dd off and then switch her at 11 is that dd is a type a character and thought the rigmarole of tutoring and sitting a big test at 11 would send her into a stress frenzy...but a lot can change by the time she is 11 I hope!
Thank you for your insight.

serenejean Thu 16-Apr-15 20:06:05

And yes all dependent on if she gets in at all at 7+ of course!

SanityClause Thu 16-Apr-15 20:52:12

No, we didn't have a tutor. She did do some practise tests, though.

I think in the current year 8, at least 10 of the 48 girls went to Newstead from Bromley High. (I don't know anyone in the current year 7, so I don't know.) In DDs year, it was 5, although at least one other girl passed, but went to another independent school. Others went to the Bexley and Kent grammars, as well.

I didn't even ask DD2 to sit the grammar tests. Grammars are good schools, but no one school can be the best school for every single person - and I know DD2 does not have the confidence in her abilities to thrive at Newstead. (I really dislike the new head, there, BTW. I wouldn't be so willing to send any child there, now.)

serenejean Thu 16-Apr-15 21:31:23

Hi, that's a very good point re Newstead. Appreciate it doesn't suit everyone and neither do the tests at 11. Thank you very much for your reasoned response, and good to know that if we do decide to move her at 11, then we may not have to tutor as a matter of course.

mumsdarling2 Tue 24-Nov-15 13:07:45

Hi Sanity Clause,
Would you please mind sharing which practice papers you thought were best for Bromley High. My very close friends daughter is sitting the exam in Jan 2016. She was tutored for 11+ but didn't get a good score for Newstead. She wants to sit for the test at Bromley High so we are trying to put our heads together about the preparation. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks, Sarah

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