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French lessons for sprogs

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puddingz Tue 27-Apr-04 23:04:29

Ladeez i need your help how/when/where can i get french lessons for my ds? We recently moved and his new nursery does not teach it. He loves it and i want him to continue. Does anyone know who/where french lessons for 4 year old sprogs take place? Thank you for your time ladeez and gents (cos I'm sure there's a few reading this as well)

tanzie Tue 27-Apr-04 23:27:19

Where are you, Pudding?

baldrick Tue 27-Apr-04 23:42:04

whixh neck of the woods are you at?

marialuisa Wed 28-Apr-04 08:39:34

Have you tried here

DD does French at nursery and loves it, so i can understand why you want to keep it going.

Frenchgirl Wed 28-Apr-04 10:40:18

puddingz where are you? Apart from Le Club Francais (and I work for them, so shhhhhh....), you could try la Jolie Ronde.

JoSW19 Wed 28-Apr-04 11:03:26

Frenchgirl - Please tell me *everything* about what you do. Its sounds perfect for me. Are you a licensee or a teacher? Whats the pay like if you dont mind me asking?

puddingz Wed 28-Apr-04 13:21:51

I live in South East London.

Frenchgirl Wed 28-Apr-04 13:45:00

Salut JoSW19
I'm a teacher (well... a 'club leader' as we are supposed to be called). The pay varies according to the size of the group you teach (between £11.50 an hour for a group of 9 or less up to £15.50 an hour for a group of 15 or more) The lessons I do are at lunchtime (2 x 30 mn - I get £1 bonus for lunchtime teaching). The Club gives you all the course materials you need, but obviously you still need to prepare beforehand. The kids I teach range between 4 and 11. Most of the time it's fun but you need to show who's boss! Your licensee should allow you to shadow several teachers so that you can see as much as possible before you start.
have a look at ther website too!
Bonne chance...

Frenchgirl Thu 29-Apr-04 11:13:00

I *cannot* kill a thread when i am actually answering somebody's question!!! Where have you all gone???

Frenchgirl Thu 29-Apr-04 16:57:27

well I've done it now

binker Fri 30-Apr-04 14:26:25

I can recommend La Jolie Ronde - ds,aged 6,has been going for a year and loves it - he's at an after school class in the teacher's home with about 6 or 7 others,from 3-6 yrs

puddingz Fri 30-Apr-04 17:11:06

Binker what's La Jolie Ronde? Is it a club? Why is an after school club taking place in a teacher's home? Is is a school club or a type of home tutor group?

JoSW19 Tue 04-May-04 10:59:04

Thanks for the info Frenchgirl, I think I'll need to look into actually running the Franchise rather than just teaching otherwise the renumeration wont cover childcare costs. Any idea what the earning possibilities are doing this?

Blu Wed 05-May-04 09:53:44

puddingz, I saw an ad for a french Club for 3 and over in the Living South Magazine which is distributed Dulwich/herne hill area, available free in estate Agents and shops - sorry, no longer have my copy, but will look out for one.

sarochka Wed 05-May-04 21:36:09

I teach my dd at home. If there are no French clubs near by then you could always anyway buy the Muzzy course from the Beeb. I like this. I teach languages in secondary school and have words for things pinned all round the house - probably a bit sad but really want dd to have some knowledge and it is sooooo much easier if they start young.

JulieF Thu 06-May-04 23:51:30

La Jolie Ronde is a franchise running fun french classes for pre-school and primary age children. A friend of mine does classes both within primary schools and at weekends.

puddingz Sun 09-May-04 00:41:55

Thanks Blu I'd appreciate that
I just emailed the la jolie ronde so I'm waiting for a response about the nearest club - thanks julie f
Question for sarochka - How good is the Muzzy resources if the parents don't speak French? My English is bad enuff leave alone my crusty French accent and two word vocabulary?

sarochka Tue 11-May-04 21:44:25

well I think that they are good and simple enough to follow. you just repeat the words ans stories with your child etc. My friend does it and has no knowledge of languages you could try...

binker Wed 26-May-04 17:17:23

puddingz, sorry about the delay in replying - La Jolie Ronde do classes after school at schools but also in the tutors homes - ds goes to one at the teacher's house. I think the website for info is The children get a cd,book and book bag.

binker Wed 26-May-04 17:25:15

have a look at/link{

binker Wed 26-May-04 17:25:58

aggh ! link didn't work - apologies,am in a huge rush to get to Beavers with ds.. sorry !

Blu Wed 26-May-04 18:46:10

Puddingz, I did have a look but in the up to date edition there was no ad. Maybe it was La Jolie Ronde. i'll keep a look out again.

puddingz Tue 01-Jun-04 01:52:07

Thank You. You 'guys' are brill!

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