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Primary and secondary schools in Bath

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naptime Fri 27-Mar-15 14:32:58

I'm looking for some advice about primary schools and secondary schools in Bath. We are thinking of re-locating there. We have 2DCs currently in Reception and Year 2. I'm wondering which areas of Bath are good for access to good schools, affordable houses etc? We're off to have a look next week, it'd great to get any local knowledge.
Thanks so much!

jo164 Fri 27-Mar-15 15:03:59

For state secondary schools I would be looking at Ralph Allen and Oldfield School. Both on the western edge of Bath, but one north and one south. They have long had the better reputations in Bath. If you have girls and want to be more central, then Hayesfield is also worth a look. I am afraid I am not much use on Bath primary schools, although I believe Combe Down primary school, which would be in the same area as Ralph Allen Secondary, has a good reputation. If you intend to look at independent schools, Bath has plenty of choice. King Edwards is the most academic, and has a prep school. Kingswood is part day, part boarding, pretty good results, has a methodist ethos. Monkton is usually considered to be the least academic, again day and boarding with a strong Christian ethos. Prior park is a Catholic independent, well regarded. Royal High is predominantly a girls day school - good results and have heard lots of.positive things. All the independents have Bath based prep schools other than Prior Park. Outside of Bath you may wish to look at Corsham Secondary - definitely more affordable housing here, or Wellsway School in Keynsham. Obviously secondary is a long way off, but if you don't want to move again it is worth considering where you'd like to be long term.

goinggetstough Fri 27-Mar-15 15:39:41

If you have boys then do look at Beechen Cliff too.

Spindelina Fri 27-Mar-15 20:47:32

jo164 - Prior Park has two preps, one of which (Paragon) is indeed in Bath.

Aside from that, I'd agree with most of what jo164 says. The state schools in Bath are generally very good, and (particularly at secondary level) mostly not very oversubscribed - so it's more about the practicalities of the school run than getting in.

I'd choose a couple of areas of Bath that tick other boxes (vibe, houses, transport etc) and then look at schools nearby, rather than the other way round.

naptime Sat 28-Mar-15 12:17:22

Thanks so much everyone for your advice... we are thinking state schools so that has given me a great starting point. Thanks esp to Jo164 xxx

Madcats Tue 31-Mar-15 22:07:31

Sorry, I'm a bit too late for you, but Bath has some pretty good state schools at all ages. Most are "outstanding".

If you want to do "State", you probably need to talk to BANES school admissions to see what is still available.

If you think of Bath as a punchbowl, the secondary schools are scattered towards the top edge, the infant/primaries are closer to the centre of town. There are no grammar schools.

katefeelingold Tue 20-Sep-16 13:43:06

Oldfield Secondary Bath - what are the latest opinions? Looking for Sept into year 7 next year, aware of all the history x

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