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Up to Date Views on Hurst Lodge?

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Tino1970 Thu 26-Mar-15 00:14:35

I'm considering Hurst Lodge for senior school. It's for my DS who is into creative arts and is intelligent and in mid-top sets but unmotivated in a big school. Does anyone have any current views on the school? There is some good and bad on here but mostly out of date. Would appreciate any thoughts on the place as it is today?

haisydaisy Tue 03-May-16 13:02:48

Hi, I'm sure you've made your decision now, however if you haven't,don't send your daughter there unless she is very very tough and resilient. There are many children with real behavioural problems and teachers who can't control them. the drama and dance is extensive, however the art was poor and home economics and textiles non existent. Very poor - our daughter lasted less than a year and it was the worst time of her life. In my opinion the school should be inspected and serious measure put in place to address the behaviour and discipline issues.

haisydaisy Tue 03-May-16 13:06:43

sorry don't send your son there.... apologies you did say DS....

Fabury72 Mon 13-Jun-16 18:48:25

Hi..we are looking at this school..what kind of problems have you had? Was is lower or upper school?

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