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JaniBas Fri 20-Mar-15 23:10:58

Would appreciate advice about pinner. Is it better than eastcote?

FiveHoursSleep Sat 21-Mar-15 19:38:27

Are you talking about primary or secondary schools? Independent or State?
You have to be a little careful buying in Pinner as there are some 'black holes' especially for Primary schools as a lot of children living there used to be educated privately.
Eastcote and Pinner merge into each other at some points. If you buy between the two branches of the Met line, you should have a decent choice of State schools.

ArabellaRockerfella Sat 21-Mar-15 22:58:22

I echo what FiveHoursSleep has said, Pinner has an excellent choice of the top state Primary and Secondary schools. However, there are a few 'black holes'! Roads with gorgeous houses that in fact are in NO school's catchment zone!! So do your research carefully before you buy/rent!

ChocolateWombat Sun 22-Mar-15 19:23:42

Worth bearing in mind that Eastcote is in London Borough of Hillingdon and Pinner is in Lomdon Borough of Harrow - different schools.
Eastcote spans the area up to Northwood Hills and through to Ruislip Manor, Pinner and and Ruislip, as well as all the way to South Ruislip. Some parts are more expensive, Pinner type prices and others are cheaper Ruislip Manor/S.Ruislip type prices.

FiveHoursSleep Sun 22-Mar-15 21:35:01

Don't worry about the Hillingdon/Harrow thing. You are able to apply to any school in any county on the basis of proximity.
We are in Hillingdon (Eastcote) with a Harrow postcode and our primary school is in Harrow as it's 4 minutes walk away.

kirin79 Fri 19-Jun-15 06:20:27

Hello fivehours.i just moved to eastcote and want to know how to apply to schools in the harrow borough as I'm in Hillingdon
its late i know but we just moved daughteer is finishing yr3.on a website it shows that coteford infant school is near by and cannonlane and others.could i apply for westlodge and which are real good primaries?
Thanks for any help.

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