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Stoke Newington Primary Schools for 2004/05 entry

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KatieB Mon 26-Apr-04 23:33:10

Our daughter has failed to get into William Patten. The other local schools that have vacancies don’t look great, but we’d be prepared to give eg Tyssen or Shacklewell a try if we felt there were going to be a few other middle class kids in the year.

Are you in a similar position? Please do get in touch if you'd consider this too. But we'd need to talk soon - The Learning Trust says you have to “choose” a school by Friday 30th April.

hoxtonchick Mon 26-Apr-04 23:49:01

KatieB, my SIL lives in Stoke Newington, & I'm pretty sure her son is going to Benthall (have I spelt that right?) in September, though last I heard they hadn't had confirmation from the Learning Trust. I know she looked round pretty much everywhere, I think Jubilee is meant to be good too, but possibly over-subscribed. Not sure I've been too much help but wanted to say something....

KatieB Tue 27-Apr-04 00:07:09

Thanks, hoxtonchick - unfortunately both B and J are now full and what's left is making my hair stand on end. am sure i am being totally pathetic about wanting my dd to be in a school whre there are at least a few other m-class kids (not that she has to be friends with them), but I hate the thought of her sticking out like a sore thumb: think it might be because when i started secondary school i got teased (well, you'd probably call it bullied these days) for having a "posh" voice. what does anyone else think? is it important to be with kids from the same background?

hoxtonchick Tue 27-Apr-04 07:23:29

As you may have guessed from my name, we're in Hackney too, but I'm in denial about schools as ds is only just 2! I know SIL had similar worries to you, so maybe I should put you in touch?

frogs Tue 27-Apr-04 08:11:02

Hi Katie

We're not quite in Stokey, and are Catholics anyway, but I know several people who were in this position last year, in particular with Betty Layward school and Grasmere.

Although they didn't have places at the beginning of the school year, they were all offered places in the course of the Autumn, as it's not uncommon for people to not take up places, or just not turn up at the start of term. This was our experience as well with the Islington schools -- a lot of the popular schools offered us places just after the beginning of the school year.

The other thing to bear in mind to quell the mounting panic is that in most cases the early years provision of even quite tough schools will be all right -- the problems don't come till later, by which time you will have been offered places elsewhere.

I hope this makes you feel a bit better -- though having said all of the above, I don't know what effect the new Learning Trust admissions system will have.

bundle Wed 28-Apr-04 14:33:04

frogs, are you joan of arc then?

dinosaur Wed 28-Apr-04 14:38:35

My friend's daughter went to Benthal and they didn't like it - she's now at Jubilee - she was on the waiting list for a term and then got in. Jubilee is supposed to be brilliant.

FWIW, my DS used to go to Bath House Nursery in Stoke Newington, and whilst I think Bath House is awful, I know they collect children from Shacklewell in a minibus and do an after-school club for them at Bath House - so perhaps if you contact Bath House they might be able to put you in touch with parents with children at Shacklewell.

I don't know anything about Tyssen I'm afraid.

We're in Clapton so I know more about the schools over our way.

jimmychoos Wed 28-Apr-04 14:50:43

Dinosaur - we used to live in Clapton just off murder mile. Where are you?

dinosaur Wed 28-Apr-04 14:52:59

just off the murder mile! Rushmore Road.

jimmychoos Wed 28-Apr-04 14:55:18

When I had DS in 1990 we had a murder sign at both ends of our road (two different murders...)and one outside the newsagents too. My Mum was staying with us for two weeks and she didn't want to go out!

dinosaur Wed 28-Apr-04 14:57:21

blimey - no wonder you've moved now!

It seems to be getting a bit better recently. I get very upset at the tragic waste of young lives though

Where did you move to?

frogs Wed 28-Apr-04 14:57:50

Hi bundle -- if you want the dirt dished on individual schools, email me off post on frogs5767<at>hotmail<dot>com. I'd rather not get too specific in a public forum IYSWIM...

jimmychoos Wed 28-Apr-04 15:00:31

Dino - I know it's incredibly sad isn't it? Sadly you end up becoming almost blind to thsoe signs there are so many about. We moved out of London altogether down to Brighton. Love it (although I'll always have a soft spot for the lea valley!)

jimmychoos Wed 28-Apr-04 15:40:16

Dino - I know it's incredibly sad isn't it? Sadly you end up becoming almost blind to thsoe signs there are so many about. We moved out of London altogether down to Brighton. Love it (although I'll always have a soft spot for the lea valley!)

KatieB Wed 28-Apr-04 21:40:19

We live off murder mile too, though we're moving to n16. Have had enough of the UC Road after 7 years, but part of me will be sad to go - have always had a real love-hate relationship with Clapton.

Spoke to a fab and dynamic-sounding deputy head at Shacklewell and we're visitng on Friday: then we only have to persuade The Learning Trust to give us a place. I have to say that based on my experience of them so far, they're not great.

KatieB Wed 28-Apr-04 21:40:53

Oh - and would be v int in hoxtonchick's sister's views of the m-cl kids issue ...

hoxtonchick Wed 28-Apr-04 21:42:43

do you want to e-mail me via contact another talker katieb, & i'll put you in touch with her (i don't think she's a mumsnetter....).

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