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Monmouth School and Christ College Brecon

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eleele Mon 02-Mar-15 22:12:58

DS is currently in state Y5 and we're debating which indy school to send him to in Y7. He'll be a day pupil whichever school he ends up going to so living where we do and to avoid a long journey to school it's a fairly limited choice of Monmouth or Christ College.
We've visited both schools and DS has no preference. I just wondered whether anyone has any experience of sending their boys to either school? I'm particularly interested in how rigorous the academic routine is and how well the boys are nutured and encouraged to develop their passions.

eleele Mon 09-Mar-15 20:58:03

Shameless bump. Any info gratefully received!

Artemis27 Sat 02-May-15 22:08:51

Our son has been at Christ College, Brecon (CCB) for a couple of years now, and we are very pleased with the school. It suits him very well.

To state the obvious - depends what you are looking for and what are your son's strengths. Both schools have excellent Estyn reports.

Had looked at Monmouth & CCB. We prepared our son very badly for entrance exams. He wasn't up to Monmouth but got into CCB. A lot of children sitting entrance for Monmouth came from Grange Preparatory - and had been very well prepared. CCB perhaps looked more at the potential of what was there - but obviously we are biased.

In his time at CCB, our son has been encouraged and supported in so many ways. He has developed academically, in drama, music and sport. Any aptitude/talent he has shown has been encouraged, nurtured and developed. Staff really seem to get to know the pupils. Facilities are very good and constantly being upgraded.

One thing we feel is a good indicator of what the school does- look at the end product. CCB seems to produce some genuinely nice, articulate and considerate kids who are confident without being arrogant, charming in a genuine way, and well equipped and balanced to cope with life.

But then, it's all down to what is best for your child.

eleele Tue 05-May-15 19:52:19

Thanks for you reply Artemis 27. I have to confess that despite good intentions and talks to Ds I haven't done much yet to prepare him for entrance exams. I was thinking of teaching him some Year 6 maths during the summer holidays and trying to provide him with some structures for his writing.

We've kind of decided against Monmouth because he'd have to travel a bit too far and I'd hate for him to be stuck on a bus for ages every day when he could be doing other things.

I'm reassured by what you say about the end product of CCB- this is exactly how I want my son to turn out!

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