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melbob Wed 25-Oct-06 22:22:14

has anyone used Muzzy?

EmmyLou Wed 25-Oct-06 22:36:08

My stepdad said he would pay over half of the cost so I bought the DVDs etc but they lie languishing in the cupboard. I reckon they are victims of the Cbeebies/CBBC age. My children hardly watch videos etc these days as when they do watch TV, there always seems to be something they would rather watch on these endless kids channels.

Perhaps they should run it on Cbeebies.

melbob Thu 26-Oct-06 19:34:24

Thought so

GeorginaA Thu 26-Oct-06 19:39:22

Don't do it. They're not that great. We got the Spanish version, but to be honest, Dora the Explorer was far better and ds1 learnt far more from Dora than he ever did Muzzy.

I sold it on Ebay, and ds1 never even missed it.

melbob Thu 26-Oct-06 22:21:22

Thanks I'm thinking we'll not be buying!

TheDaVinciCod Thu 26-Oct-06 22:22:10

do a search
loads of thread on this

LadyUndetrun Thu 26-Oct-06 22:25:14

oh good idea georginaA. i have series 1 and 2 and does anyone watch it? noooo.

shame really.

they used to like it when little... maybe worth another try.

was/am a little disapointed with the production value/quality tbh. looks to be v old. could do with updating.

moondog Thu 26-Oct-06 22:27:07

Too expensive.
As a salt and a linguist I'm not impressed either.

Language needs a function.Without a reason to speak it frequently with native speakers,there is no point.

MummyPig Thu 26-Oct-06 22:31:49

We bought series 1 in French and I could have kicked myself when it arrived. Strangely, ds1 quite likes it, but I know there is far better stuff out there. Try linguatots for a start. I wish I'd checked on mumsnet beforehand.

Haven't got round to selling it on yet. At least we didn't pay the full whack as we got it off e-Bay in the first place.

notagrannyyet Thu 26-Oct-06 22:40:12

I'm not over impressed with Muzzy. Neither are DC. The main problem for me is that the speech of some of the characters isn't very clear.

EmmyLou Fri 27-Oct-06 16:33:47

Ladyundetron - I taught English to kids in Poland about 14 years ago and I'm sure I came across Muzzy there too - so no, its not even up to date.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:28:55

Message withdrawn

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