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Looking to borrow a red and black striped rugby shirt with collar...?

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meandjulio Tue 24-Feb-15 23:52:32

DS would like to wear one for his World Book Day costume... Looked on ebay and found nothing, looked on shopstyle and found just the thing - for £125 shock

DS could wear practically any size, small man's would be ideal or any child's one over around age 8. Just wondered if anyone out there would be kind enough to hire out a suitable shirt, I will pay £5 plus postage both ways!

UniS Wed 25-Feb-15 00:23:26

where are you? Need to pin DS down to what he wants to wear before I can say yes or no. He has one.
Prospect school in Reading has the a black/ red hooped rugby shirt in uniform as do one of the Harrow School houses.

UniS Wed 25-Feb-15 00:24:43 better size than teh link previous, sorry.

meandjulio Wed 25-Feb-15 06:52:30

wow thank you!

Could you ask your DS?? I would be really grateful. We're near Oxford.

tickinglists Wed 25-Feb-15 11:51:50

Not sure if this is any help! Friend of mine did a costume last year and needed a black and red hooped/striped top. She bought a really cheap plain red rugby style top and then bought some wide plain black ribbon. Cut it into strips the width of the top and stuck the black ribbon across the top (front and back) with fabric glue/copydex type of stuff. You could even do it by cutting some black fabric into the required strips if ribbon is too expensive. Worked a treat!

TeenAndTween Wed 25-Feb-15 16:08:43

Try searching for Dennis The Menace costumes/jumpers. They may not have the collar but are easily found. (Currently in ASDA I think)
(I bought one on ebay last year so DD could go as Stitch Head).

UniS Wed 25-Feb-15 19:50:28

OP - check your PMs.

meandjulio Wed 25-Feb-15 21:04:49

smile Thank you!

startingtosmileagain Tue 23-Feb-16 23:58:11

How did you get on last year in your search? My son wants to go to world book day as Stitch Head and I am struggling to find striped trousers/leggings and a matching top!

TeenAndTween Wed 24-Feb-16 11:02:11

Starting freely available online. See my post 3 up from here when DD went as Stitch Head)

Search 'Dennis the menace costumes' and then also 'red and black striped tights'. If I remember correctly she wore the tights over black leggings for added warmth/decency

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