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Harrogate schools "help"?

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Lollypop177 Tue 24-Feb-15 13:09:00

Hi , I'm moving to Harrogate and my little girl is 9 , I'm thinking of sending her to an independent school in the area as she currently is in that environment , can anyone stear me in the right direction PLEASE ? She is not very academic or sporty so as you can guess I'm a bit worried for her ��. I just need somewhere that will be a lovely , kind and caring environment for her to settle in .

Limpetsmum Tue 24-Feb-15 21:54:54

Frobelians in Horsforth is meant to be lovely and if we had the cash that's where we'd send our kids.
Good luck with the move

Rosieposy4 Fri 27-Feb-15 20:48:31

Gateways, much closer than Frobelian and lots of happy gilrs and parents.

pollyannagoestotown Mon 02-Mar-15 10:25:13

Try Highfield Prep School in Harrogate - lots of not very academic and non-sporty kids. Emphasis on being a community etc and very good at settling new children in mid year etc.

thaliablogs Wed 05-Aug-15 14:53:35

can vouch for highfield, I have two very different children there and both are happy, one v academic, one less so but both well catered for. One thing I really like is that the school is very responsive, when my more academic one was bored they immediately responded w enrichment for her, when the less academic one was struggling w writing he got extra help. Music and drama outstanding, sport ok and improving. It's full might also want to try ashville, people seem equally happy with it. Gateways would not be my top choice, it seems to have some problems at the moment. Froebellian seems amazing but a long drive from harroagate.

Rosieposy4 Wed 05-Aug-15 21:07:41

I really would notbother with indi in Harrogate, and that is as someone whose dcs are at indis.
Frobelians is an awful drive from Harrogate.
Could easily go for highfield, ashville or gateways but honestly the state schools in Harrogate are really good.

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