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Bedford Girls School

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Sheels Wed 18-Feb-15 11:51:45

Daughters have both been offered a place at BGS Yr 7 Sept 2015. I have a choice between this school and two other schools (outside Beds). All have pro's and con's but my preference is BGS. I have been to visit 4 times and got a good vibe, even my girls current Head has visited and he is very impressed, so I am a little surprised to hear all of the negative comments. One of the only things that is stopping us taking the places is that both my daughters felt the other girls were not as friendly as the other schools they sat for. I have no idea why, other than probably there were very few non BGS girls sitting the entrance exam, so presumably the know each other. Has anyone had any experience of their daughter joining BGS and not having been at the Junior school? If so, how well did they integrate and how much effort did the school put into making sure all the girls made friends? Thanks smile

Motleyii Sat 21-Feb-15 08:49:02

I think a lot of the negativity dates back to the BHSG/DAHS merger and so has little relevance to today's BGS. My youngest DD has just accepted a place in Yr3 and my eldest is in Yr5. I can only speak as I find, my Yr5 DD loves the school and has tons of friends. The senior school girls help out with afterschool activities with the juniors and I've always found them to be delightful. They all seem friendly enough with each other when I walk past them in the afternoon as they queue for buses and lifts home too. In fact, if I could have one word to describe the feel of BGS it would be "warmth" and given by some accounts Ms MacKenzie is on a mission to overtake Perse, I'm very pleased that her ethos is about the whole girl and not just her results.

Figmentofmyimagination Mon 23-Feb-15 18:42:24

So pleased to see this thread to give me an excuse to say how much BGS has come on since the dark days of the merger. I have no reservations in recommending this school.

lottysmum Wed 25-Feb-15 21:27:46

My daughter has justed joined the school (Oct HT), she is Yr 8 ....I have been totally surprised on how well she settled in and how friendly the girls have been (there was just one niggle with a girl but this was dealt with quickly). I do like the fact that the schools ethos is all about the whole girl even though I have an academic child.....Having transferred from a state school where the bitchiness and bullying was pretty full on I am totally relieved that my daughter is now in an environment where she can be herself and the result in one very happy child ...... Two other girls joined at the same time as my daughter one year 7 and one year 9 and they have both integrated very quickly with a good circle of friends too....

user1479741925 Mon 21-Nov-16 19:29:56

Pleased to see an accurate and more up to date thread here on BGS.
My daughter has been in the Junior School from years 3-6.
We have nothing but good things to say. Previous posts on other threads look like ill informed nonsense from where we stand today.
Standards are very high across the board from academic/sports to social and anti bullying. Girls are being formed here to be thoughtful, caring and kind as well as intelligent leaders for tomorrow.

keepingcalmandcarryingon1 Mon 06-Nov-17 16:35:01

any more recent updates on BGS? Am just starting out on the journey for dd and keen to hear what it's like from any of you who have girls there right now please?

Motleyii Thu 09-Nov-17 21:41:20

My DD's love it. Both more academic than sporty but eldest DD has really got into lacrosse and hockey now she's in the senior school.

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