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Any private tutors around?

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Moncherry Tue 10-Feb-15 14:26:17

I am relatively new to tutoring and have been asked to private tutor a group of 8-10 children under 10 but have not tutored this amount of students before and am not sure how much to charge per hour. Usual amount for one person is 18-25 per hour depending on level eg GCSE, primary etc. Thank you if you can help.

Ladymuck Tue 10-Feb-15 14:33:29

That's a large group! Tutor for what? How will you have to vary your preparation and marking to deal with the numbers?

Moncherry Tue 10-Feb-15 16:58:24

French. I think they want a more 'fun' class eg animals, colours, songs as they are primary-age 6-7 (sorry if this is drip feeding- should have put that first but was in a rush earlier). There won't be any homework except perhaps little worksheets eg colour in the animals, that sort of thing.

Ladymuck Tue 10-Feb-15 18:35:20

I'd bill it at class rates then, so say £4-5 per child per session if you don't have to spend much extra time. But you may want to bill for half a term at a time, as you'll probably have a couple missing each week. Will you have access to a 2nd adult in case of emergency?

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