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Does anyone else teach their subject on a "half term on, half term off" basis?

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Sleepymorningcuddles Mon 09-Feb-15 22:08:12

I teach music at primary. I get 6-8 weeks with whole class A then the rest of the term with another class B then it's back to class A and so on.

It's not ideal but I do get some double lessons during the "on" term which allows me to do some notation work whilst still making lots of music.

Does anyone else do this and what do you think of its likely effect on progress long term? It hasn't been as bad as I expected so far but it does seem odd.

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Tue 10-Feb-15 11:48:05

It might be worth posting in The Staffroom as that is where most of the teachers hang out

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