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Millfield school for sixth form

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impy6919 Mon 02-Feb-15 16:14:13

Does anyone have recent experience of Millfield School in Somerset particulary sixth form. Old reviews talk about a money divide drugs drinking etc

tickinglists Tue 03-Feb-15 11:41:28

VERY recent experience with us. Our two offspring went to Millfield and it was the biggest mistake ever to have moved them there! When we went to have a look around Millfield said they offered this,that and the other. We then communicated with the school prior to moving our two offspring and we even had their 'offerings' given to us in writing. However nothing materialised once our offspring were at the school! The Senior staff did not feel that they were even beholden to stand by their previous written offerings etc. It was 100% appalling! When we pointed out that we had this in writing etc the Senior staff just said 'things had changed'! No solutions given. No attempt to actually deliver what had been promised to our offspring. Nothing! The whole feeling we experienced of the school is that it is just a conveyor belt of getting the students through the school system with as little interest or interaction with the students as possible - but with Millfield getting as much money in their bank account as possible. And Millfield prefers even less interaction with Parents! They positively keep the parents as far away as possible. We have witnessed quite a number of Millfield sixth formers just ending up doing nothing and going nowhere after they leave Millfield. These are all nice youngsters, who did well at the exams etc and some who even excelled at a National level at their sport. And they are nowhere now. And Millfield seems to allow that to happen! It is actually quite upsetting to see these students not going on to the next stage of their lives - whatever that might be. There is so much out there for them to go and do - at what ever level they want to do it - but Millfield just does not seem to guide and aid these students to find whatever it is that the students needs for their next stage. In my line of work I speak so many parents on a daily basis. Every Millfield parent I have come into contact with have nothing good to say about the school. they all seem to be dis-illusioned and fed up with Millfield's continuing arrogance towards their students and towards the parents. Every parent has said they have tried to discuss matters with Millfield, but it all just falls on deaf ears. And in the meantime, the time ticks away for these students and many of them are simply missing the boat. This is not what we ever expected from a school such as Millfield. But it happens on a regular basis it would appear, based on the discussions we have had with parents from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of offspring, and with all sorts of issues with Millfield. As stated at the start of this posting - moving to Millfield was the biggest mistake ever for our offspring. Hope this helps with your decision making.

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