what does 3c mean?

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hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:44:29

Ds is in Year 3 and came home today saying he's been told he's 3c. What is that?

QueenBeetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 15:49:40

Message withdrawn

QueenBeetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 15:50:51

Message withdrawn

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:51:36

It was for maths. One boy was 3a.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:52:00

Never seen the like in his reports.
Thanks btw.

QueenBeetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 15:53:30

Message withdrawn

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:53:59

Bloody hell. His friend must be v brainy!

QueenBeetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 15:54:08

Message withdrawn

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:54:29

Should have said ds has been told he's 3a

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:55:00

Yes, but tbh I think sats are a load of crap so didnt pay much attention to them.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:55:45

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:55:52

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:56:05

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:56:25

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:56:35

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 15:56:35

could dig it out though.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 16:42:52

Sorry , problem with pc

popsycal Wed 21-Apr-04 19:31:50

Hi there!
Levels are broken down into subcategories......3c is the lower end of the level 3 range, 3b the middle of the range and 3a the top end of the range.

roisin Wed 21-Apr-04 19:41:40

Popsy, What school year (average) is 'level 3' associated with? or target for? or whatever the expression is?

I know (I think!) level 2 is yr2. I thought level 3 was yr6 - KS2 SATs - is that right?

Bit confused!

Moomin Wed 21-Apr-04 21:50:28

I've seen this used somewhere so I hope it's the same as your ds's school. I *think* the a b and c are used to show what end of the level he is at. At key stage 3 we use plus and minus at our school.

Therefore, a 3c is like a 3- (lower end of level 3); 3b is middle of the level and 3a is top of the level, almost onto a level 4.
The national curriculum levels are so wide that many schools find breaking them up helps the parents and pupils see whereabouts they are more accurately (although they could obviously have done with telling you this!)

Moomin Wed 21-Apr-04 21:51:44

sorry - I didn't see popsycal's post before. Looks like we agree though

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 21:52:40

I dont think he is at the lower end of ks3 being only in year 3.
Is the year in 3c the 3? So would that make him the lower end in maths of his year?

cazzybabs Wed 21-Apr-04 21:55:03

At the end of year 6 national average children should be level 4.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 21:56:15

So what should they be in year 3?

Hulababy Wed 21-Apr-04 21:57:38

From the National Curriculum documentation regarding expected levels at different key stages:

Range of levels within which the great majority of pupils are expected to work

key stage 1 = 1-3
Key stage 2 = 2-5
Key stage 3 = 3-7

Expected attainment for the majority of pupils at the end of the key stage

at age 7 = level 2
at age 11 = level 4
at age 14 = level 5/6 (although in some subjects this is now just 5)

We were told on recent training that it is expected that a pupil may go up ONE level over two years approximately.

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