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Y7 dd struggling to cope with subject content

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insanityscratching Wed 21-Jan-15 18:26:31

Dd has autism and a statement of SEN, however she's bright (top group) articulate, well behaved and has good friendships. She is very sensitive, incredibly squeamish and has sensory processing difficulties.
She has been coping incredibly well in secondary, there have been hiccups which have now been addressed not particularly proactively by the school but more because I know how to complain effectively.
Her teachers have been very supportive and sensitive, the TAs she has now are ok (dd doesn't really fit the SEN mold and I don't think that they really understand her own brand of autism) and the SENCo likewise really in so far as because she is bright, well behaved and socially ok doesn't really grasp why she needs a statement or what support she needs although she does always take on board my suggestions.
What is increasingly apparent is that emotionally she is struggling with the content of some lessons. Dd feels everything deeply and that combined with her squeamishness means that her anxiety is soaring. Already she has missed chunks of history because the content was too gory, she couldn't cope with some of the English lessons content and the current trauma is Science which is cells at present leading to reproduction I imagine. She is again sitting out of lessons, can't cope with the microscope parts and so anxious she isn't able to eat. It's two days now.
I understand that there is a curriculum but what happens when you have a child who just can't cope with the content? I am not prepared to let the not eating continue much longer and so something has to give. Is there flexibility that I can ask for so that dd can be spared having to endure topics she finds traumatic?

pannetone Fri 23-Jan-15 17:13:07

Bumping for you insanity - I don't know the answer but my DS who is Y8 and has autism sounds very similiar to your DD. He is currently out of school (because of anxiety) and this is an issue in terms of returning to school.

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