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A bit of help please on difference between governor's issue and operational issue

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wellintothenewyear Thu 15-Jan-15 12:08:16

Our school governors just decided to accept an "offer we couldn't refuse" to increase intake and this will affect my subject (arts, so think peripatetics needing space, noise pollution, etc).

The governors were, appropriately, discussing where to relocate my subject's activities. Am I right though to think that now the main decision has been made, This all goes back to being a head/leadership team issue which the governors merely scrutinise?

There's no nasty politics. I'm just genuinely ignorant of the relationship between governor stuff and head/staff stuff. I want to make sure that my advocacy for my subject is as efficient as possible (and directed to the right people). It might help to add that I'm self employed so although I'm very embedded in the school I just report in to the teachers in an informal way. So I have less influence but more freedom to speak up IYSWIM.

SilasGreenback Thu 15-Jan-15 12:15:50

I think you correct that it is for the SLT, but they may well discuss with govenors to get advice. For example when I was a governor, one of the others was an architect and would certainly be involved in this sort of discussion, and another was very good at project management/using resources efficiently and often came up with better ideas than the SLT as they had a different skill set.

grovel Thu 15-Jan-15 12:33:14

If the changes involve capital expenditure presumably the governors will have a say anyway? It's not cheap soundproofing a Portakabin!

MrsCakesPrecognition Thu 15-Jan-15 12:37:31

Presumably there is a premises subcommittee? Might be worthwhile finding out who sits on it.

wellintothenewyear Thu 15-Jan-15 13:50:05

OK thanks. It sounds like the most effective line of communication for me is as staff member to other staff members?
From what you say, it makes sense to also spread the message to those governors I happen to know/come across just so they "get" the main issue.

LOl re soundproofing a portacabin! cheaper to buy a new one!

MillyMollyMama Thu 15-Jan-15 17:04:00

Speak to the staff governors perhaps? They should have been part of the decision making process. Lots of schools increase numbers and plan for this effectively. The SLT should consult about specific issues during the planning process.

wellintothenewyear Thu 15-Jan-15 17:48:14

will do.

thanks for the advice.

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