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Has anyone else's DD taken the North London Consortium exam?

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Toomanyexams Sat 10-Jan-15 10:25:14

My DD took it at CLSG yesterday. I think she did her best, and it will be a fair reflection of her abilities. No idea if it will be good enough, though. She thought the reading comprehension passage was more difficult than the old tests posted on the CLSG website which she tried before sitting the exam. She thought the maths was about on par.

Anyone out there to commiserate / hand hold?

Balhamite1 Sat 10-Jan-15 15:21:20

My DD sat CLSG yesterday, she found the comprehension easier than the past papers she had done before. Didn't manage to finish the paper though, left one question. As you said maths was on par. She said she was distracted in comprehension too as one girl walked in 15 minutes late. Was nice to come home to an email from the schools, thanking her for attending.

Toomanyexams Sat 10-Jan-15 16:15:26

Gulp, I hope my DD wasn't reading too much into the English exam!

That's really annoying to have a whole room full of girls be disturbed by one late comer. We left the house waaay early, just in case there was trouble on the tube. I suppose in a group of 800+ a few people are bound to slip up for reason or another. Perhaps best to sit any late comers in a seperate room and have them join up with the group after the break.

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