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Hampstead St Mary's / Devonshire House / Sarum

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Swarburg Wed 24-Dec-14 12:35:06

Hi everyone. I arrived in Belsize Park about two years ago. My daughter is 3, bilingual (English/French), and currently at one of the montessori nurseries of the area. She could start at St Mary's or Sarum next September, and potentially Devonshire House. I didn't really like Sarum, which didn't strike me as academically rigorous and exit results seem a bit inconsistent. I haven't visited DH, but I liked St Mary's (the headmistress, the beautiful grounds etc) and the exit results seem to be better than the likes of DH or Sarum (particularly for the top schools, NLC, St Pauls, SHH). Just wondering why there is almost no review on the school! Incidentally, I also declined Hampstead Hill, which I didn't like. Anyone on the forum has any views on this? Many thanks!

Cafeconleche Thu 25-Dec-14 00:19:34

St Mary's definitely! I know loads of girls who have gone there and have had a great education, made lovely friends and have turned out super kids.

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