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insanityscratching Thu 11-Dec-14 22:17:17

Dd has autism and a statement of SEN. She's in y7 now, she has a keyworker TA and various other TA's for support.Dd has done incredibly well settling in and it has been mostly positive with a few bumps (probably as many as I was expecting tbh) that have been sorted eventually.
On Tuesday in dd's communication book one of the more minor TA's wrote giving me a teacher's email address so that I could arrange to discuss my concerns with her.I was somewhat confused as I definitely hadn't raised any concerns at any time regarding dd, the teacher, the lessons or anything else and any concerns I would put in email to the SENCo directly.
So I emailed the teacher saying there had been a misunderstanding as I had no idea about any concerns I had supposedly raised and no idea where the TA had got this information.
It transpires that TA reported I was unhappy with the children dd was working with and worried about dd mixing with them. Now I have no clue who dd works with in the lesson, dd has always been happy and has never complained and so I've never felt the need to question who she works with and she probably wouldn't be able to name them anyway as names don't always stick.
I checked through dd's communication book to see if the TA could have misinterpreted something I had written and there is no mention of that lesson even and I checked all emails to SENCo although haven't emailed her for weeks to see whether anything there could have been misunderstood but again I have never mentioned the lesson, the teacher or dd's peers.
So I wrote in dd's book that I was confused and could TA enlighten me as to what my concerns were and when I had raised them as I had nothing documented at all and was concerned where this information had come from.
SENCo then wrote that teacher felt she was being helpful giving me the opportunity to discuss any concerns but if I didn't want that then that was my choice hmm but didn't address the TA's part in this.
I'm pretty certain the TA lied (she has previously been far from honest, that I raised with SENCo at the time) as it was obvious that the teacher hadn't instigated the opportunity to chat. I have no idea why she would do this but am concerned that I will be cast as a PITA when my "concerns" are in no way mine.
Should I insist that the SENCo investigates or perhaps raise it with the HT or will it be being looked into behind closed doors?

Madcats Mon 15-Dec-14 20:01:42

To summarise, you are a bit suspicious of your DD's TA......but you now have permission to email her form teacher to outline any concerns you might have and it sounds as if she is happy to take the time to reply. It sounds as if you have the SENCO on speed-dial too

That's good isn't it?

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