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Schools in Surrey

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5exybomb Thu 27-Nov-14 23:38:35

We are moving from Stratford upon Avon to Surrey next year for my husbands work reasons. I was born and raised in Cobham Surrey, I worked in the local Waitrose and at Tiltwood care home as my Saturday jobs and went to school at Royal Kent, Oxshott and then St Theresa’s, Effingham. When I lived in the area it was a friendly town with a real community spirit. That was 16 years ago, how has Cobham changed since – is there still a community spirit? What is Oxshott like now? Will I get a shock?
I have seen previous posts related to schools in the area and wanted to know what has changed since I was there as I’m sure its changed since my day! In my day, St Theresa’s was awful, I was desperately bullied, terribly unhappy and hated every day. I am therefore never going to send my daughters to that school!
We have a DD1 who will start secondary when we move, and a DD2 who is a baby but will go to school in 2017. We have a DS but he is at boarding school in year 10 so his schooling is not affected by the move.
Schools I am keen on for DD1 are Manor House or Tormead as she is academic but not to the point that she needs to be in a school where academia is the be all and end all as she has many talents in music and drama too. She won’t board btw and I don’t want to send her to Notre Damm or St Catherine’s.
For DD2, I was thinking either Danes Hill or Felton fleet. Felton Fleet I am aware I will have to get registered now- its majorly expensive so is it worth the money? I have read Danes hill is very WAG. I am not a WAG, but have no issues with the car I drive, the shoes I wear or the bag I hold, I just want a school where my child won’t be bullied and will be happy.

ZebraDog Sat 29-Nov-14 16:47:58

Oxshott and Cobham have lots of very big houses and there is a lot of money around but from what I see, there is a good community feel going to Cobham high street.
St Ts has changed - there is a new head who has completely brought it up to date with a new uniform and lots of marketing to attract girls. It seems a lot more innovative and organised but no real experience to be honest.
I know what you mean - it used to (IMO) have a very strange vibe and I could never really consider it seriously for my DD.
Manor House is very very small, only goes up to 16 but is meant to be great for girls with specific needs or who would cope better with a smaller environment. I would worry that an academic girl wouldn't be stretched enough.
Tormead has the atmosphere of a larger girls school but without the high-flying status of GHS. It is being rebuilt at the moment so while it is a building site now, it will soon have excellent facilities. If my DD was academic I would personally send her to GHS which has incredibly music, sports and drama... but I understand GHS simply does not suit some girls.
Have you considered Priors Field? A little further but has a good reputation. Or if you are up in Cobham area you can look to SW London - LEH, Putney High, Wimbledon High, Surbiton High?

Why would you send DD2 to a different school? Both Manor House and Tormead have junior departments. I would be thinking of where I am aiming for at 11 and working backwards. If there is an attached junior dept that is often a good idea as it means no 11+ pressure.

mummytime Sat 29-Nov-14 22:10:06

Tormead is probably more academic than you remember, similar girls apply there at 11 as those who apply to St Catherine's and GHS. The Head came from St Catherine's. St Theresa's has changed a lot. Manor House still seems nice, and if you are going to send one there I'd probably send both.
If you are Catholic have you considered St George's?

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