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School refusal ? Bad behaviour or anxiety issue ?

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felttippens Wed 19-Nov-14 21:58:03

My 15 yo DD is refusing school - has anyone else been here?

TeenAndTween Thu 20-Nov-14 09:22:01

Sorry to hear this. Luckily not been there myself (have as 15year old DD too), but the following possible reasons spring to mind.
Has she always been willing up to now?
- boy issues
- friendship issues
- bullying
- got behind with coursework
- getting stressed by workload
- panicking about exams
- panicking about what to do next year
- anything changed in home-life recently?
- medical problem

Does her phone, facebook or internet history give you any clues?
Stuff privacy, this is important and if she won't talk to you you need to get some clues from somewhere.

What does tutor, year head or pastoral support have to say?

What does she do when not at school if refusing? Electronic stuff, school work, mope?

Unless reason to suspect otherwise, assume there is a problem, not bad behaviour.

afterthought Sat 22-Nov-14 08:55:42

I've worked with a lot of school refusers - only one case has been down to bad behaviour (although I suspect there were underlying issues causing the bad behaviour).

Is this a new thing, or has it been ongoing for a while?

Is it just school she refuses to go to, or has she also lost interest in social activities?

Some reasons I've come across are:
Being worried about someone at home and being scared of coming home to bad news.
Worried about something happening on the journey to / from school.
Lack of friends.
Struggling to cope at school - many reasons for this - too much pressure, not able to access the work so feel stupid.

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