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Dwight International School?

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leeloo1 Sat 15-Nov-14 19:30:25

Does anyone have any (recent if possible) experience of this school? We're considering it for our DS to go into Yr 2 there.

Many thanks. smile

leeloo1 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:24:32


Alana1975 Mon 16-Feb-15 05:14:33

I had no experience with Dwight international school, but my DD attended another international school which follows PYP curriculum. I can't tell if PYP curriculum was not implemented properly in my DD school or the whole idea of this curriculum is bad, but we were not happy with it at all. There are many wonderful concepts around it:creativity, independent learning etc, but the reality was very different. The main problems, they don't cover basics, the science is not a separate subject, independent research without proper guidance which results in poor quality work.

leeloo1 Mon 16-Feb-15 22:10:28

Thanks for your post Alana, useful to know. Dwight may be similar, I imagine a lot depends how rigorous the teaching is, which is hard to tell until you've paid the fees!

H4dley Wed 18-Feb-15 09:43:51

My DC went to Dwight and I am now a huge fan of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Dwight covered all of the basics well, encouraged inquiry and self confidence and I loved the international aspect of the school. I think it really is a good alternative to the traditionals and it is fantastic that there are exchanges to other Dwight Schools in New York, Seoul, Vancouver and Shanghai. Isn't this what the real world is like nowadays?

H4dley Wed 18-Feb-15 09:47:19

They get inspected just like the other schools and had a great inspection report so the rigorous teaching is there

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