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Dyslexia - where next?

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Hannahabbott Fri 14-Nov-14 16:40:18

School have investigated after we have highlighted concerns about dyslexia with dd (6). They now agree there are issues but have said that they won't take this any further due to lack of funding.

I have fone my own investigation and it seems I need to put a referral in to the LEA for an ed psych evaluation. Does this seem like the next step or should I be pushing more with the school. I'm trying to avoid the private evaluation costs but we will pay if we need to.

Any advice would be appreciated.

grunty Sat 15-Nov-14 11:05:00

Unfortunately my experience with the school and LEA is that they will not fund anything unless the child is way behind. However I think the school could be more assertive. I would be asking for a meeting with the Head and ask her/him to refer to the Ed Psych for an evaluation.

I paid for a private evaluation and teaching at Dyslexia Action. I preferred to pay rather than struggle any more with the too little too late interventions at the primary school. I only wish I had started earlier. My daughter was getting on for eight then and I think if she had intervention when she was say five when I first suspected she was dyslexic she would be a lot more confident.

Hannahabbott Sat 15-Nov-14 17:35:12

Thanks Grunty, will be making the appointment with the head to find out whether she's been screened or not and their assessment of the severity (we think it's mild to moderate). We also want to know what immediate support they'll be putting in place in class regardless of her diagnosis at this point.

I'll ask for a referral but think I'll be pushing it, will probably do that myself but think the school should have provided more support for us as parents if this is the case.

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