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snoozy71 Mon 10-Nov-14 01:49:36

We are currently living overseas but have to move back to the UK for family reasons. We are looking at the south side of outer London as we work from home and are pretty flexible with areas.
Schools are really important (non grammar state schools). We also want to be somewhere picturesque. I"m thinking market town with pretty outlying villages with good pubs and countryside around it for walks, cycling etc. Within 90 mins of the coast would be good and good transport links down to the south-west.
We were looking at Winchester but have decided that is far too close to my MIL for sanity to prevail!!
We've also been looking at Farnham but i'm not sure what the schools are like and would probably want to live in one of the villages which might be a problem for schools.
Our house budget is around 800K.
We have fantastic state schools where we live at the moment so to have to worry about where to educate our kids when we return on top of all the other stuff is stressing me out especially when i don't know that area of England at all.
We will probably head back summer next year - we will have twins in year 5 then ( boy and girl) and a 5 year old girl.
Does anybody have any idea of areas that might be good to look at (not godalming/guildford area) or know anything about Farnham??.

Thanks very much

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