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A Levels starting 2015

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Returning Wed 05-Nov-14 17:10:05

Just seen this on the BBC website:-

Neither of my DC are starting 6th form yet, but it's very relevant to those who are and are interested in going to top universities.

WhereTheWildlingsAre Wed 05-Nov-14 19:06:34

Yes, that is interesting. As a teacher I am sad to lose the AS exam as it is such a good indicator of how students are managing and really does support UCAS applications. I wonder if top Universities will bring pressure to change the policy?

WhereTheWildlingsAre Wed 05-Nov-14 19:07:20

As yet, my school is undecided about making all students sit the AS half way through their courses anyway.

Pennybe Sat 08-Nov-14 17:27:50

Here's a contrasting view on whether schools / sixth forms can realistically retain AS-Levels, once they're uncoupled from A-Levels:

Roisin Sun 09-Nov-14 12:37:02

That is interesting: thanks for posting. I am pleased a university, esp Cambridge, has finally agreed to express an opinion. Hopefully this will be a clear motivation to schools to agree to stick with AS exams for the time being and end the uncertainty over next year's students' courses and the basis on which they will apply to university courses.

skylark2 Sun 09-Nov-14 14:48:15

My DS is one of this cohort.

We currently have no idea what will happen with his maths (he's currently working on AS in year 11 as his did GCSE last year).

titchy Sun 09-Nov-14 15:48:32

He'll be fine skylark - maths isn't being decoupled until summer 2018 exams so current year 10s. He's still able to count this years AS towards the full a level in year 12, if he continues. He could also do FM in years 12 and 13 and have the AS count towards A2.

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