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Auckland College/Christian fellowship school/ Streatham house

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gswati Sun 02-Nov-14 09:34:25

Hello Parents

I am so confused about my DD's education.. She is bright and interested in studies but needs good direction.

I have spoken to some mums who sends their kids to Carleton house, Merchant Taylor etc but the fees there is too much for us to afford.

I have found the above named schools but have no idea as to which one to choose. All of the schools go to secondary too.. so once she is in them, we wont have to change (hopefully).

Just wanted to know if anyone have heard any good /bad things about these schools please.

any recommendations?? Any help will be highly appreciated.


homework Tue 04-Nov-14 23:26:40

Friend sends her daughter to streatham house and so far is happy that class size is small , she not really impressed that homework seems to be just worksheets out a book .

Christian free school don't keep pupils if they have any significant additional needs . Auckland not really heard much about . Although small class size causes problems with gcse options as may not be enough pupils interested in particular subject , so unable to do or farmed out to other schools.

Have you looked at st Edwards there beckoning an all though school , also liverpool collage to see if you fit there admission criteria . That way you can save money and use at later date if needs any additional support. There also king David that has both primary and secondary school on one site , there are lots of good schools around , would she sit test for blue coat , you have money for additional tutors , lots of really descend primary schools in the area .

Are you unhappy with her present school that you could maybe look at a move , to somewhere that you be happier with. There are plenty of kids who get great results at bog standard school because there willen to work and have a good work ethic , especially if there bright anyway.

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