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moderate specific learning difficulties

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ks Wed 27-Mar-02 20:27:14

Message withdrawn

Art Fri 29-Mar-02 16:03:26

Obviously I dont know the extent or details of the problem with your son, but if he is not yet five, it sounds quite early to be worrying about dyslexia.
Are there specific reasons why the school is concerned? Could he just not be ready yet for reading? Boys do tend to be slower than girls to start showing an interest as well.

Sorry I dont have advice, but hope you get it sorted out soon.

ks Sun 31-Mar-02 14:08:07

Message withdrawn

Art Sun 31-Mar-02 19:51:46

Just as an afterthought have you tried him with puzzle books, where you have to find things in the pictures. Usborne do a good range of 'Puzzle Town' 'Puzzle Ocean' etc. and of course there is 'Wheres Wally'. Im sure there are others on the market too.
These practise the visual discrimination skills needed for reading and may get him interested in books without him feeling pressured to 'read'.

Hope this helps, Art

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