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Cranmere Primary School. Good or bad?

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mmar8 Wed 01-Oct-14 11:02:14

My daughter is due to start primary school next year 2015. Our nearest school is Cranmere Primary School. I know their Ofsted report is GOOD, but it looks so miserable... the building looks old and I know it's oversubscribed!
They are planing to expand it and build a new building, and the plans have been approved already in spring 2014... but I don't see and construction work going on at the moment.... so when could you expect it to be built?!...

Does anyone have any information about the school and generally any review will be appreciated!

Abby1689 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:35:26

Hi there,
I see you didn't get a response to your post last year, but I am just starting to do some schools research for our 2 old daughter and was wondering what you decided about Cranmere? It is also our local primary school and I would be ever so grateful if you would share what you found out about it. I've heard vague reports from local mums that it's well thought of, but have yet to meet anyone who actually sends their children there and the last ofsted report was produced back in 2011... Any thoughts would be much appreciated - thank you!

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