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School admissions - check out Mumsnet local

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RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Sep-14 13:45:42

Hi all,

It's the time of year when those of us with DC due to start primary, junior or secondary next September have to make the tricky decision on which school to send them to.

We've teamed up with to provide listings on Mumsnet Local for all the schools in your area - complete with links to Ofsted reports, maps and pupil/teacher ratios.

To take a look at the schools near you, go to your local site, click on Childcare & Education in the green navbar and select the sort of school you're looking for - alternatively, enter the name of the school you're interested in into the quick search on your Local homepage.

Please do go and have a look, and pay it forward by adding reviews of your DCs' schools to help others with the mind-boggling decision.

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Wed 24-Sep-14 14:24:01

I wish this had been up and running when I was choosing primaries 7 years ago! Hopefully lots of people will add reviews. If they could do secondaries asap, that would be fab wink

LocalEditorNottingham Wed 24-Sep-14 15:01:19

Some of the local sites have school open days listed too, in 'Things To Do / What's On / School Open Days'.

Nottingham has 20 forthcoming open days listed, covering about half the secondaries in the area that have yet to run theirs - hoping to add the rest tonight (some have already happened too of course).

Yes to reviews please! And do feel very free to chat about schools on your local Talk board.


ChippyMinton Wed 24-Sep-14 16:18:16

MNHQ- can you please make the reviews anonymous. I have added one, and if I add another it will totally out me! Trying to be helpful but I'm not happy about this at all.

hearingmum Wed 24-Sep-14 16:21:27

Given that "choice" is non-existant in my borough (you put down your six most local and pray that you might get one rather than nothing / the school that's a building site ten miles away) this seems rather pointless.

I also wonder if this resource will just add to polarisation of school intakes and further residential clustering of mumsnetter-types around certain schools.

hearingmum Wed 24-Sep-14 16:23:02

Saying all that, I do quite like the idea of an anonymous forum to talk about what's going on in different schools. Transparency and discussion are good.

MaudantWit Wed 24-Sep-14 17:06:05

Yes, at the risk of being pedantic, it is only where schools are undersubscribed that one makes the "tricky decision on which school to send [dc] to". For most of us, it's a case of making the tricky decision about how to express our preferences (not choices) and calculating as best we can our chances of fulfilling the school's oversubscription criteria.

KittiesInsane Wed 24-Sep-14 17:21:04

This is weird. There are 98 schools listed in my local area, but neither of the ones my children go to.

There are nearer schools and more distant ones, but clearly my kids' schools don't really exist.

Doodledot Wed 24-Sep-14 18:01:52

I would be more willing too if done under a NC

hearingmum Wed 24-Sep-14 18:11:25

KittiesInsane - in contrast, in my borough there are schools which do not exist! - Or at least not in or near the borough... Think something's not working here...

MrsBungle Wed 24-Sep-14 18:27:22

The rating and link of our local primary school is wrong in this information, it is not the most up to date grading nor link to the most up to date report.

MrsBungle Wed 24-Sep-14 18:28:41

Yep our primary school (with the wrong info) is not under the primary school list, I only found it by searching the local site.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 24-Sep-14 19:22:18

The information is woefully out of date about the school I have just removed DC's from

MrsCakesPrecognition Wed 24-Sep-14 19:41:42

Only one out of the six secondaries we are considering for DD are on the site.
Bit of a waste of effort?

LocalEditorMerton Wed 24-Sep-14 20:19:22

Hi Mumsnetters

For those of you who have spotted inaccuracies in the listings on your Mumsnet Local site, perhaps it would be worth getting in touch with the relevant Local Editor (there's a purple 'contact' LE button on the right-hand side of the 'home' page above the ASDA MPU advert) and pointing out any issues?

Are perceived shortcomings in listings possibly because some schools you might be considering for your DCs, fall outside your borough/city/county borders? Worth checking out neighbouring Mumsnet Local sites and hopefully you will find the relevant information!

Thanks! wink

KittiesInsane Wed 24-Sep-14 20:39:14

Nope, they're definitely in the right county unless there's been an Independence vote I've missed. And they're schools. Unlike (say) the Childhood First Aid course on there, or the French revision classes.

Will do as you suggest.

YonicScrewdriver Wed 24-Sep-14 20:58:01

Everyone should have a different MN local name, shouldn't they?

MrsBungle Wed 24-Sep-14 21:02:04

No, I know what county I am in and the school!

hearingmum Wed 24-Sep-14 21:05:36

No, the listing is just really, really wrong for my area. Some schools missing, and lots of interlopers ..

petalunicorn Wed 24-Sep-14 21:07:21

My kid's school is on there but the search doesn't pick it up (although it does pick up others of the same name think St x). I could find it via the map search, and the name has been entered correctly so it is strange the search din't pick it up.

The listing links to the most recent OFSTED report but the blurb on the page is taken from a much earlier report, which is very out of date and misleading.

I wouldn't leave a review if it goes under my name, whether that is my mnet name or mnet local, I don't want people to be able to link my posts as a mum that attends x school.

Zipitydooda Wed 24-Sep-14 21:33:42

I think people shouldn't rely on these local pages for listings of schools. Look at your official council site. My 3 closest schools aren't included at all on the mumsnet pages.

YetAnotherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Sep-14 21:53:44

Hi all,
Just to say, we are taking note of your comments, and will report back.

DuelingFanjo Thu 25-Sep-14 00:01:37

None of the schools in my catchment area (Cardiff) are on there, is it because there is no way on earth they would have made it into the good schools guide?

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Sep-14 09:56:54

Good morning all,

Many thanks for your feedback.

The Schools Guide auto populates the schools info that we have, we have been in touch with them this morning and will iron out some of the specific issues with your help.

We will keep you updated when we know more.

Thanks again.

LilithTheKitty Thu 25-Sep-14 11:38:38

There doesn't seem to be a local site that covers the Wirral?

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