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Bedford Modern and Bedford School

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Kiwikiss1 Sun 21-Sep-14 07:31:56

My husband and I currently have two boys at Pilgrams Pre-preparatory school in Bedford. We are not sure whether to continue onto Bedford Modern or Bedford School. We have visited Bedford School and found it a little austere, but thought the teachers and children were very engaged etc. I was just wondering what other parents experiences at each school had been. Both boys are introverted and sensitive, one is sporty, the other is more academic and both are thriving at Pilgrams. I am sure both schools are excellent, we just thought it would be interesting to hear of any strengths and weaknesses from parents who already have children at one or the other school.
Many thanks in anticipation.

Kiwikiss1 Mon 22-Sep-14 06:32:08


redskybynight Mon 22-Sep-14 08:29:50

Have you asked the teachers at Pilgrims? They might well be able to give you good advice based on knowing your children and the schools.

I don't have children there, but have friends that do - Bedford School is very much more "public school" than Bedford Modern. Plus I think Bedford School is still just boys, while Bedford Modern is co-ed? Do you have a preference based on either of these? Also Bedford Modern (whether rightly or wrongly) has the reputation for being the most academic.

spotty26 Wed 24-Sep-14 20:05:16

My son is at Bedford School and he absolutely adores it. It is the BEST decision we ever made. The number of times I have welled up at school events in the last 12 months is embarrassing. It is the sort of school that just inspires.

We did not sit him for BMS exam in the end as we applied in the middle of the year. BMS were not very welcoming but I was keen to compare. As it happened my son adored Bedford School so much we felt there was no need to wait the 6 weeks before they could fit us in.

It is an old fashioned school in terms of a concern for manners, uniform and sense of history but the teaching is certainly not austere. I have found every teacher to be firm but fair and pastorally very kind. Mr Silk would definitely chat through any concerns you had and reassure you I am sure.

My husband is an old BMS boy so took a lot to break those ties.

The academic point is one to be argued, for boys I believe they are on a par, my MIL told me Bedford School got the better A Level results but I have not checked that. To me they are both fantastic schools and you go with your gut. All I know is that I have a little boy who is thriving in every sense and legs it to school in the mornings. The opportunities are just amazing. I do not work there either! Just a very happy parent!

spotty26 Thu 25-Sep-14 08:35:01

I should also say I have a son at Pilgrims too so you will probably recognise me from the school run. We could meet up for a coffee so you could quiz me further if you want.

casuarina Wed 01-Nov-17 10:14:35

Tragic that both these outstanding schools will be blighted by toxic emissions 24/7 from a gigantic waste incinerator just a few miles to the south-west -- upwind -- if construction goes ahead.

meehan8381 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:56:29
i think children cant alone

ScorpioMum Wed 03-Oct-18 20:51:19

Casuarina, did the construction go ahead?

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