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Please recommend the best poetry anthology

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Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 11:19:08

for ds1 5.5

I cant see the point of poems meself

wilbur Wed 07-Apr-04 11:25:48

How about starting with AA. Milne's When We Are Six - old fashioned, but sweet and like little stories and quite a good introduction to poetry. I think there's also a The Nation's Favourite Poems antholgy for Children, which might be good.

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 11:27:47

Oh thanks

its his homework

find a fave poem

was thinking of room ont he broom

wilbur Wed 07-Apr-04 11:28:31


spacemonkey Wed 07-Apr-04 11:30:57

coddy you philistine!

tamum Wed 07-Apr-04 11:41:59

My ds's favourite book at this age (and indeed now) is Roger McGough's Bad Bad Cats . Excellent poem about Where's Wally amongst others, but maybe not what his teacher had in mind....

binkie Wed 07-Apr-04 12:14:01

Funny, I was thinking of asking dinosaur that - some postings about our respective dss liking poems & think she's rather knowledgeable. Anyway, we got given this (though annoyingly I see it's unavailable at Amazon) & there's lots in there that ds & dd both love. It'll be in the library. Is this Easter hols homework?

captainCOD Wed 07-Apr-04 12:15:01

yes bink

captainCOD Wed 07-Apr-04 12:15:28

sm I think just write it like prose

whats the point of poems?

captainCOD Wed 07-Apr-04 12:16:00

bad cats lloks good

binkie Wed 07-Apr-04 12:19:03

In support of poetry, there is the rhythm thing - in the Oxford Anth I linked to there is Auden's "Night Mail" and reading it aloud very fast so that you can hear the train barrelling along is completely different from listening a story in prose (and I think more fun, but there you go).

captainCOD Wed 07-Apr-04 12:20:07

ooh yes we did htat at primary school
still know huge chunks of it

"puuling up beatock a steady climb the gradients against her but shes on time"

binkie Wed 07-Apr-04 12:21:54

(and, here's a sneaky one, a poem for a bedtime story is much quicker)

bad mummy

captainCOD Wed 07-Apr-04 12:22:43

hmm godd one b

Heathcliffscathy Wed 07-Apr-04 12:46:21

there is a fabulous anthology called 'staying alive' that is in the bookshops at the moment...really amazing contemporary poetry...i'm not a poetry aficionado but i loved it...inspiring stuff...

Heathcliffscathy Wed 07-Apr-04 12:47:19

o god, sorry, should have read your post better, this is for adults def not children!!! sorry sorry

Janh Wed 07-Apr-04 18:35:28

coddy, dunno if I'm too late on this one but have you come across Allan Ahlberg's kids' poems? Please Mrs Butler is a hoot, the review says ages 8+ but infants would appreciate it too I think (suits 50+ as well...)

There are some other suggestions on the page too.

Janh Wed 07-Apr-04 18:37:28

Have just thought of another but have to go be a taxi driver, will be back!

spacemonkey Wed 07-Apr-04 18:43:33

poetry is like a concentrated form of prose imo

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 18:46:08

thaank you Queen of products

expatkat Wed 07-Apr-04 19:04:18

I have no idea what the point of poetry is either.

I have yet to find a decent anthology of children's poems in Britain, so can't help. But if one comes to mind, or if one of my poet friends can recommend one, I'll let you know.

roisin Wed 07-Apr-04 21:44:58

Another vote for the one wilbur recommended BBC The Nation's favourite poems of childhood We've got this, and it seems to have everything in it that I remember and enjoy from childhood ... everything from Spike Milligan to Hilaire Belloc to Roald Dahl to A A Milne. A really great selection.

GirlsparklesAbel Fri 18-May-18 16:06:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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